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2018 OLBA Annual


2018 Annual - District Information 67 District 5 $5.00 PER PLAYER WILL BE ADDED TO THE OLBA ENTRY FEE ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DONE BY THE SKIP OF EACH TEAM To: Julia Farrell:, 905-563-6097 NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM 3 DAYS BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT DATE. Sat./Sun. May 26/27 8:30AM Singles Burlington LBC Sat./Sun. June 09/10 8:30AM Pairs Burlington LBC Thurs./Fri. June 28/29 8:30AM Mixed Pairs Dundas LBC Tues./Wed. July 17/18 8:30AM Seniors Ancaster LBC Sat./Sun. July 28/29 8:30AM Novice Triples Roselawn LBC Sat./Sun. Aug. 25/26 8:30AM Novice Singles Burlington LBC District 6 $5.00 FEE PER PLAYER WILL BE ADDED TO OLBA ENTRY FEE All entries to District Chair. OLBA fees and forms to be submitted to OLBA by District Treasurer. May 26/27 9:00AM Niagara Falls WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Niagara Falls WP/P June 23/24 9:00AM Glenridge MP July 17/18 9:00AM Glenridge Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Port Dalhousie Nv.WT/T August 25/26 9:00AM Beamsville Nv.WS/S District 7 Entries for all District Playdowns must be received at least 96 hours prior to the start of the event May 26/27 9:00AM Heritage Greens WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Elora Rocks WP/P June 30/July 1 9:00AM Heritage Greens MP July 17/18 9:00AM Elmira Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Preston Nv.WT/T August 25/26 9:00AM Guelph Nv.WS/S District 8 May26/27 9:00AM Saugeen Shores WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Chesley WP/P June 30 9:00AM Hanover MP July 1 9:00AM Hanover MP July 17/18 9:00AM Chesley Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Hanover Nv.WT/T Sept. 2 9:00AM Chesley Nv.WS/S

68 District Information - Ontario Lawn Bowls Association District 9 May 26/27 9:30AM Brampton WS/S Entries to: June 9/10 9:30AM Port Credit WP/P Entries to: Gary Harris, July 7/8 9:30AM Oakville MP Entries to: Rochelle Brunet, July 17/18 9:30AM Georgetown Sr.WT/T Entries to: July. 28/29 9:30AM New Toronto Nv.WT/T August 25/26 9:30AM Milton Nv.WS/S Entries to: Laura Seed, District 10 May 26/27 9:00AM Cosburn WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM West Toronto WP/P July 7/8 9:00AM Cosburn MP July 17/18 9:00AM Balmy Beach Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Etobicoke Nv.WT/T Aug 25/26 9:00AM Balmy Beach Nv.WS/S District 11 ALL ENTRIES AND FEES TO CHAIR – PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO RON CHARLES NO later than 6:00 pm, 5 days prior to tournament $5.00 FEE PER PLAYER WILL BE ADDED TO OLBA ENTRY FEE. May 26/27 9:00AM Stouffville WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Richmond Hill WP/P June 16/17 9:00AM Uxbridge MP July 17/18 9:00AM Stouffville Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Monora Nv.WT/T Aug.25/26 9:00AM Aurora Nv.WS/S District 12 Entries must be in 3 days prior to start of event May 26/27 9:00AM Agincourt WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Willowdale WP/P July 7/8 9:00AM Willowdale MP July 17/18 9:00AM Willowdale Sr.WT/T Jul 28 9:00AM Agincourt Nv.WT/T Aug 25 9:00AM Agincourt Nv.WS/S

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