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03 Bauhaus Museum Dessau

03 Bauhaus Museum Dessau Urbanism • Architecture • Interior Location Assigment: Client: Location: Designteam: Period: Museum design Bauhaus Foundation Dessau Dessau Jeroen Houben & Maurice Houben 2015 Since its establishment in 1919, the Bauhaus has been subject to political conflicts, ideological confrontations and cosmopolitan designs. Because of the tragic and turbulent history of the 20th century, the Bauhaus has been put in the background for a long time. The realization of a new Bauhaus museum in Dessau offers the unique opportunity to (re)discover this modern movement and to show the unique collections that have been hidden for years. This new cultural building will be placed in the center of society in the cultural network of Dessau where it can develop into a lively and inspiring place. A varied multidisciplinary environment in which research, education and experimental design are combined and presented in innovative exhibitions, workshops or events. This visionary building is much more than a regular museum, it relates to the city and its context; with visitors, users, artists and (art) objects making it a true creative catalyst for information, presentation and participation. ‘Treasure boxes’ “Collection housed in mysterious treasure boxes”. The striking “Treasure Boxes” symbolically refer to the Bauhaus, which has been forgotten, and establish the relationship with the past, present and future, because the special collection pieces are exhibited and discovered here. The ambitions of this new Bauhaus building are high. The building complex has been designed with great attention to durability, flexibility and energy efficiency. It is pleasant to be in, inspiring to visit and perfect to organize cultural activities.

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