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04 Ebbingehof Groningen

04 Ebbingehof Groningen Urbanism • Architecture Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Urban design, Architectural Design of Residential buildings AM Vastgoed, VAN WONEN Groningen DAAD Architects 2015-present ‘Ebbingehof’ Route v/d Ziel Location “Living a stone’s throw from the Groningen city center” Facades - Route of the Soul

A SPECIAL BUILDING BLOCK The Ebbingekwartier, also known as CiBoGa, is a special residential area in Groningen. It is not often the case that new homes are built on the edge of a historic city center. Within walking distance of the city center in a friendly, carfree environment, this new development offers a large diversity of housing. The former area is characterized by its background. The former industrial premises and the architecture of the gas plants on the CiBoGa site were taken as the starting point. On the west side the plan connects to the historical route (‘Route of the Soul’), which connects different monuments. On the south side the urban plan is ended with a strong height accent. In the elaboration, each tower will have its own character through diversity in form, color and material. Within the building block, a variety of housing types are included: city villas, apartments, court houses and starter homes form the program. The houses are oriented around the street, making careful transitions and special corner solutions. Architecture is a modern translation of the historical past. The façades have been designed on the basis of the character of the place and the different residential streets. The city villas at Bloemsingel, the warehouses at the edges, and the industrial court houses around the middle area each have their own effect in a refined brick architecture. The houses are equipped with richly detailed masonry in different colors, shapes and connections.

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