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06 House of the city

06 House of the city Urbanism • Architecture • Interior Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Design municipal office Municipality of Heerlen Heerlen Jeanne Dekkers Architecture 2015 Location In the municipality of Heerlen, Schinkelkwadrant- Zuid, the area between Geerstraat, Promenade, Schinkelstraat and Honigmanstraat, will be redeveloped. In this Schinkelkwadrant-Zuid the city office, commercial spaces and residences are projected. The total program of the City Office covers approximately 7,000 m2 GFA (gross floor area). In the new housing, a front office, namely the entrance and a waiting area, a back office and a so-called mid office will be realized. The back office consists of an office environment for the civil service organization of the municipality of Heerlen and general facility spaces. The designed office environment is suitable for an activity related work concept. The mid-office contains a meeting and consultation center for the internal organization and for visitors and companies that can only enter the mid-office by appointment and authorization. With regard to sustainability and energy supply, the new Stadskantoor will be connected to the city’s ‘mine water project’. Furthermore, the client’s wish to realize an RC value of 6.5 results in an energyneutral building. ‘Energy efficient municipal office’ “Inspired by the black gold of the south”

Paddepoel For this tender I was co-responsible for the architectural design and its elaboration (VO +). In addition to elaborating floor plans, I have created the 3D model, visualisations and the final presentation and book work. The design has been realized in a Design & Build collaboration.

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