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Central Station / Centre

Central Station / Centre Ringweg Zuid Helpman Noord Urbanism • Architecture New tunnel De Papiermolen RINGPARK 3 Helperdiep 1 5 Activities: Urban research and development of various strategies for the ‘Helpman Noord’ District in Groningen. Design of different quantities models and urban typologies. Elaboration of urban design drawings, presentations and a project book. Skills: Urban development analysis and design, drafting of quantities models and spatial building block models, interdisciplinary collaboration. Programs: Indesign, Vectorworks, Sketchup 2017, hand sketches, diagrams 4 1 5 Social security: developing homes along Helperdiep 3 sportveld 2 3 2 Technical school De Wijert 1 Public banks, cycling & walking, bustling place, including new lowspeed route to Main Trainstation - South 2 Green connections 3 Make it spatial and open 4 Add green quality 1 3 2 Rabenhauptterrein Helperlinie ZUID Horseshoe factory plan area study area Helpman Noord Analysis RING ZUID RING ZUID RING ZUID RING ZUID RINGPARK RINGPARK HELPERDIEP HELPERDIEP PAPIERMOLEN HELPERDIEP PAPIERMOLEN HELPERDIEP SPORTPARK PARK PARK SPORTPARK SPORTPARK park is weg SPORTPARK ONDERWIJS TECHNISCHE SCHOOL ONDERWIJS TECHNISCHE SCHOOL DE WIJERT DE WIJERT DE WIJERT DE WIJERT 1958 1960 2000 2020

RINGPARK Terra MBO Mesdagkliniek 05. Hereweg SPORTPARK RABENHAUPT 01. HELPERDIEP van Schendelstraat 04. Helper Westsingel Verlengde Hereweg De Wijert 02. Legend 03. 06. Helpman Noord 01. Technical School 02. Switch block / Jull block 03. Rand Bouwblok Jullensstraat Zuid 04. Helpdiep lots 05. Helperdiep lots - stacked housing 06. Horseshoe factory / Workman location

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