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08 Building the Future

08 Building the Future of Health Urbanism • Architecture Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Healthy station environment in Groningen Municipality of Groningen Groningen train station area Reza Alkaapi, Jelmar Brouwer, Robbert Boelens, Maurice Houben, Sarah van den Horn 2016 The University Medical Center in Groningen formed the scene for the Building the Future of Health conference in early June. An inspiring meeting that examined the contribution of the built environment to a good and healthy life. The ‘Smart and Healthy City’ program of The Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment (IenM), organized a ‘Challenge’ around the theme of healthy urbanization. Three interdisciplinary teams were formed and each focused on an own area. During this Challenge I was part of the team that took the station area of ​Groningen as a case. Everywhere in the Netherlands, investments are being made in stations and station environments. The new Rotterdam Central, but also the stations of Arnhem, The Hague, Utrecht and Breda are fine examples. In the coming years many mediumsized cities will start upgrading their stations (areas). How do we make pleasant, lively and above all healthy places in those environments? How do we make them optimal for cyclists and pedestrians? To these questions we have formed a vision and presented it on the last day of the congress, Location ‘Building the situation Future of Health’ “A healthy station environment in Groningen”

REZA ALKAAPI URBANIST MAURICE HOUBEN ARCHITECT JELMAR BROUWER LANDSCHAPSARCHITECT ROBBERT BOELENS CITY PLANNER SARAH VAN DER HORN MINISTERIE INFRA & MILIEU Cathedral of the 21st century Lifting barriers A chain of healthy places Station environments are the new meeting places and business cards of the city and can thus also contribute to a better synergy between rail and city. From one front and back to a coherent area. Station area a bridge between north-south • pleasant routes with healthy places • supplement for city • for young and old Noorderplantsoen Vismarkt Grote Markt Stadspark museum Ubbo Emmiussingel Sterrebos gezond stationsgebied

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