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09 Lago di Garda

09 Lago di Garda Urbanism • Architecture lago di garda Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Urban development analysis and design Municipality of peschiera Lago di Garda, Peschiera Maurice Houben 2017-2018 The unused opportunity and possibilities of the water of Lake Garda are taken up in this project. New water connections ensure that the traffic congestions on the land around Lake Garda are solved and belong to the past. Better connection between the villages and pleasant connections for new tourists. Pieschiera is an important link in the transition between water and the mainland. peschiera In addition to new connections, new urban plans have also been devised for future developments for Peschiera. New real estate developments on the north side of the historic city center, underground parking garages and a new market square with a view of Lake Garda are some interventions that can help Peschiera in sustainable growth. ‘Re-connect’ “Realizing new connections between the unesco city center of Peschiera and Lake Garda”

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