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10 Gemeinschaftsschule

10 Gemeinschaftsschule Wiesloch Architecture • Interior KOMPAKT • ENERGIEDATEN EFFIZIENT • GESUND MEHRZWECKIGE TREPPENBÜHNE = “HERZSTUCK” Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Design of a new school building Gemeinschaftsschule Wiesloch Wiesloch (DE) Maurice Houben 2015 ‘A heal The starting point in the design of the new Gemeinschaftsschule Wiesloch is the realization of a healthy, future-proof, sustainable building that can easily adapt to changes in the future, but also to the new educational system. Characteristic is the compact and clear building shape and a transparent northwest facade, where the main entrance of the building is located. The building is inviting because of the design and friendly facade layout. TThe realized transparency makes it possible for the activities and liveliness in the building to become visible to the outside world and for interaction between the various educational functions in the school building. school Common facilities, such as the auditorium, library and the rooms of the teaching staff are located on the ground floor. The entire building program is grouped around a striking multifunctional staircase, which encloses the building and establishes the connection between all educational functions, floors and users. On the 1st and 2nd floor are the two education clusters, each with its own open learning landscape, smaller clusters and multifunctional spaces. The classrooms for natural sciences, music, art and craftsmanship are situated on the top floor.

thy building’ ‘Color, shape and sustainable materials an indestructible combination for school buildings! ‘

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