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10 Martin Luther King

10 Martin Luther King Urbanism • Architecture • Interior mrt Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Design of a new school building Martin Luther Kingschool Purmerend Jeanne Dekkers Architecture 2014 so A new multifunctional educational building in which the Martin Luther Kingschool with a SO and VSO department and the day care center of Prinsen Purmerend Foundation can optimally accommodate themselves. In addition, a special MRT wing has been included in the program where special movement education is given and children get to know sport, play and movement. Ground floor vso kdc The four ‘education departments’ are separated and housed in different building volumes with, where possible, their own entrance. This division of functions can also be found in the newly designed outdoor areas. Private and open play areas, a vegetable garden and an important access route from the parking lot on the south side. VSO Continued Spec. Education KDC Children’s Day Center SO Special education MRT Motoric Remedial Teaching In the building the users are central and a pleasant and friendly learning environment is created by adding round shapes, warm materials and color accents. The two types of masonry give the façades a tactile character. These rough façades form a nice contrast with the smooth surfaces. Optimal functionality and flexibility is due, among other things, to the compactness of the floor plans and the choice of a steel construction with an optimal grid size. ‘Multifu In this tender I made the 3D model and different artistimpressions. Furthermore, I was responsible for a 3D annimation that was used during the presentation. school

nctional domains’

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