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13 ‘Research on bath

13 ‘Research on bath cultures’ Research • Architecture • Building technology Assigment: Client: Location: Design: Period: Research on bath cultures TU/e Master Architecture - - 2014 Bathing and the culture of baths has a long history and great diversity. The Roman baths, the baths in Istanbul and the baths in Budapest are interesting examples. Bathing is part of body culture in Finland and Japan. In the current time in which free time is linked to care for the body, there are new opportunities for a more extensive bath culture. With the increasing need for care, fitness and wellness, many forms of bath and baths are conceivable. The success of the bath complex designed by Peter Zumthor in Vals indicates that there is a need for high-quality baths. In the current era there is a need for high-quality baths related to wellness and inspired by bathing in other cultures. Due to an increasing aging population there is an increase in related care. There is a need for a more diverse interpretation of bathing culture in view of our multicultural society, in addition to the need for a qualitative interpretation more free time. Because of all these aspects, research on bathing culture is interesting. This study addresses this challenge. Research has been conducted into the history of bath culture, the sensory experience in bathing, the influence of the place and culture on bathing and the technique of existing baths. This study provides a nice overview of bathing culture and is the starting point and inspiration for a fantastic task with a future. Bath cultures ‘Bathing is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Every culture has its own customs, rituals and beliefs’.

Thermae of Diocletian, Rome ‘The ritual cleansing of the body when visiting a bathhouse is a cultural tradition’. Haseki Hurrem Hammam

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