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Summers Island Press 2018 Spring Catalog

The home of "'mysteriously different books for children." Inside you will find new releases, series descriptions, and exciting new activities over at Wilderness Kids Club. Special offers and discount pricing when you buy direct from the publisher.


Summers Island Press New Release The Mystery Continues... Coming April 15 th Available for pre-order 7.95 (Young Adult) Join Riley and Joanie as they travel to the coastal town of Shark Heads, where beauty and danger go handin-hand. New clues lead to new adventures as they finally close in on the vital secret they have been searching for. But someone else is following them. That's when what started out as an an ordinary school assignment takes Joanie Thomas farther than she ever meant to go. The thing is... Once you decide to stand up for something, you' have to to be willing to fight for it. Read the first chapter HERE Don't miss this exciting sequel to PERISHER, from the Outback Hero series.

7.95 ea. For Young Adults Coming in November Read Excerpts HERE All Shale Kenny eBooks are 50 % off! offer good until MAY 31.

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