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Summers Island Press 2018 Spring Catalog

The home of "'mysteriously different books for children." Inside you will find new releases, series descriptions, and exciting new activities over at Wilderness Kids Club. Special offers and discount pricing when you buy direct from the publisher.

Hud and Boone are Back!

Hud and Boone are Back! 6.95 Hey— something strange is happening in Ashville! Could this be the time when they will have to take care of the whole bunch? Get ready for more danger, more driving, and way more adventure!

50% off eBOOKS until MAY 31 Books by Cousin Summers (The Mysterious) For Middle Grade The story of how it all began, and how two ordinary Book 1 friends ended up on an extraordinary mission. WARNING: Some things in these books are catching. The Young Heroics series. 6.95 6.95 Watch the book trailer! Coming this fall! (Young Adult) 6.50 Mary Ellen Cooper thinks she knows pretty much everything there is to know about life, But she's about to Become a statistic. What can you do when the only person who can Save you is yourself? 6.50 Book 3 Two boys, a little sister, and a monkey from NASA are on the loose with summer passes to the museum. They are on a secret mission to find a scientist that went missing. At first, it's only fun and games. But it isn't long before they discover... H ow dangerous some games really are.

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