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Summers Island Press 2018 Spring Catalog

The home of "'mysteriously different books for children." Inside you will find new releases, series descriptions, and exciting new activities over at Wilderness Kids Club. Special offers and discount pricing when you buy direct from the publisher.

Sassy Pants $12.99 each

Sassy Pants $12.99 each Paperbacks 9.50 LEARNS An Early Reader series by Carol A. Brown The Hardback Editions Are Here! When Farmer White brings a little runty pig home for his children to raise, she begins to think she's a people--not a pig! So when it's time to return to the pig pen Sassy Pants is determined to get back into the Big House... one way or the other! Sassy Pants has lots of amends to make now that she has decided to behave. But since she was mean to everybody, nobody wants to be your friend.How do you fix a friendship when you were the one who broke it? There are a lot of strange creatures on the farm and some of them are scary. When Sassy Pants wanders into places she doesn't belong, she must learn how to tell the difference between dangerous, and different. Read Excerpts HERE

Summers Island Press Carol A. Brown gives us stories that speak to the heart. Carol grew up on a farm not too different from the one in this story. She, rode horses bareback, milked cows, learned to cook on a wood burning stove, and make delicious pancakes. As an adult, she taught elementary school, college and university, as well as graduate level courses. Now, she writes books that teach vital truths to to both adults and children. You can visit with her over at: Nada Serafimovic illustrator 50% off eBOOKS until May 31 Watch the book trailer! Get the Sassy Pants Teachers Guide FREE

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