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Example of letter written after first appointment

Example of letter written after first

Speech & Language Therapy (Date) Parents of ******** Dear (Parent’s name), You brought M for a speech and language assessment on (date). This is a summary of the session. I asked you what your best hopes were from coming to this assessment. You said that you thought that I would assess M and that you were pretty sure that he will need therapy. You said that you have concerns about his behaviour as well as his communication. Background information You brought M to the speech and language therapy drop-in clinic in (name of month) because of your concern about his delayed speech. We took a referral at that point. You told me that have a bilingual home. Spanish is your first language. M’s Dad speaks English. You told me that you speak to M both in Spanish and in English and you consider that English is M’s primary language. You said that sometimes you “double up” meaning that you say the sentence first in Spanish and then in English. You talked about your concerns You aren’t sure how much M understands. He often appears not to listen but then responds to a word that he recognises and likes Sometimes he repeats the question that you have asked him (for example “what shape is that?”) You described him as having his “own grammar” and his own way of saying words and sentences He is not into shared play - he plays by himself

-Written by Elizabeth Anderson - First Alliance Church
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