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Example of letter written after first appointment

I asked you what changes

I asked you what changes you have been pleased to see in recent months. You have noticed the following: • M recently starting using phrases and short sentences (for example “don’t eat it”). He says these in the correct contexts • He recognises numbers and can count long sequences I wondered what you have noticed gets M’s attention and what seems to help his communication. You talked about the following: • M likes physical play (for example being chased) • He likes music (for example listening to classical music, playing with his ukulele and singing) • He asks you to “draw a train” which you do. You also draw different things and encourage him to name what you draw • You realise that he doesn’t always turn to his name but that he is more likely to respond if you name an item he is interested in as well as calling his name (for example “M! Look at the train!”) • He likes playing with trains and magnets with his dad • You recognise that sometimes he needs direct motivation to do something. For example you give him a sweet when he gets out of his chair • You have noticed that he is more likely to repeat words/phrases when he plays with his dad During the assessment session you gave me a lot of useful information about M. Although you thought I would assess him, I felt that for this first appointment it was more useful for me to observe him while he played by himself and with you. This gives more information about his understanding and talking in real-life. More formal assessments might be helpful at a later point. Here is what I noticed: Receptive Language: This means a child’s ability to understand what other people are saying. This includes the understanding of words, concepts and grammar. M’s receptive language: appropriate for age delayed for age needs further assessment

M doesn’t always respond to what you say to him. As you had told me, it is hard to know how if this is because he doesn’t understand or because he just isn’t interested. You said that M sometimes repeats a question that you have asked. This can indicate that he doesn’t understand what you are saying. However, it is likely that he understands more that is immediately apparent but that he needs to be very interested before he responds. Expressive Language: This means a child’s ability to use words meaningfully and to join words to form sentences, tell stories and to express his/her needs to others. M’s expressive language is: appropriate for age delayed for age needs further assessment M is 3 years old. At his age you would expect him to use lots of words and sentences. M does use words and phrases but far fewer than I would expect for his age. Speech (pronunciation): this means a child’s ability to say speech- sounds and to use these speech-sounds clearly in words and sentences. M’s speech was: appropriate for age delayed for age not assessed It was hard to understand what M was saying at times. However, this seems to be more because of his expressive language difficulties rather than difficulties saying specific speech-sounds. Social Communication: This means a child’s overall ability to use both words and non-verbal skills to communicate. It includes being interested in interacting with another person and using words or non-verbal communication (for example gestures, facial expression) to connect with people. M’s social communication skills:

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