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Example of referral letter to early intervention team

Example of referral letter to early intervention

Speech & Language Therapy (Date) Parents of *********** Dear (Mother’s name) and (Father’s name). L was seen for his first speech and language appointment in this clinic on (date) after being referred by your public health nurse. That appointment indicated that L wasn’t saying as much as I would expect for his age. What speech and language therapy has happened so far? After that first appointment you both brought L to 5 sessions of therapy. During each of those sessions I made videos of you both playing (separately) with L and we looked back at each video. That helped to identify what each of you do in your interactions with L that most helps his speech and language development. This gave you targets to continue using at home. Here are some of the targets each of you identified: To use shorter sentences when talking to L To follow L’s lead when playing with him To introduce new vocabulary To repeat words a bit more for L To make comments that are relevant to what L is doing To listen hard to the words that L is saying even when they aren’t clear and to repeat them clearly in short sentences After these 5 sessions, I then visited L’s preschool to observe him there and to speak to his preschool teacher. What did I notice about L during the speech and language therapy sessions? You told me that you feel that the strategies that you are both using with L really work well to help support successful communication and that is what I noticed during the sessions. When you played with L, he made good eyecontact with you and was happy and animated.

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