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DISTRICT 24 DOUBLE DOZEN NEWSLETTER News from the District Director New Pathways! Are You Ready For Something New? Submitted by: George Volz, District Director This year the district will launch into a new era. I know that some members are filled with anxiety. Some are filled with hope. Some have struggled to understand our current system and feel that the new system is more complicated. I am here to tell you that it will be exactly that. To quote James Allen, “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” To the cacophony on this new venture, my feelings are this--Pathways will change us. I believe Pathways will help us grasp the vision of being the best that we can be. A new perspective and a new centering on the core principles of the visions of Ralph Smedley. I know that we will grow with this new opportunity. Have you attended a Pathways guide visit? If you missed it, visit with your fellow club members about the visit, go to the Toastmasters website. Explore the PATHWAYS tab. If your club still needs a visit, work with your team to schedule one soon. Fellow Toastmasters, I challenge you with this idea. Dedicate this month to become focused on using the tools we have and prepare to embrace a new Pathway. It is exciting times, we have the luxury of both the old and the dawning of the new. What a great chance to grow, explore new ideas! Climb to new heights! James Allen said, “You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.” When new ideas come along, I first process them with my old idea mindset. Then I resist. Eventually I will adjust. We each carry a personal bias, a filter, that adjusts the way we see things. This bias, this paradigm, influences how we react. Our mindset dictates how our mind will adapt. The time we spend resisting and rebelling against the new idea is contra-productive. Why? First and foremost, new ideas help us grow. Pathways is designed to help us grow. Second, externalizing the new — declaring it as “that” prevents us from owning it. As we dive into Pathways, we will discover that it is our Pathway, my Pathway. What a great thing! A transition from “the program” to “my program.” District 24 Double Dozen |2 | April, 2018

New Pathways! New, Yet Familiar Submitted by: Glenn Williams, Program Quality Director Your initial Pathways thoughts may be a combination of hesitation, skepticism, misinformation, and sometimes fear. I understand those thoughts. Pathways is all that you love about Toastmasters, in a different format. You love the Ice Breaker speech. It did not go away. You love the DTM as the capstone. This remains. You wanted mentoring, you have it prominently featured. All of these things are familiar to you if you have been in Toastmasters for a long enough time to have become acquainted with what I just mentioned. For the veteran Toastmasters, this provides a whole new experience to try. You have so many more competencies that you can learn compared to the older more limited educational plan we are phasing out of. The expansion is not final, there may be new additions that occur over time. If there is a manual that specializes in something you like that you don’t see yet in the new program this, too, could be added in. What will not be added back is the Competent Leadership manual. I know some of you loved that, but most people never really explored what that manual could do for them. Instead, most of the leadership skills learned in them are incorporated into the Pathways program. You can still do the current educational program until June 30, 2020. You can finally earn your CC, CL, ACB, ALS, ACS, ACG, and DTM in what we have now. You won’t be able to transfer a CC or other designation into Pathways to continue from there. Your old designations will still be a part of your name and record, though. You can transfer unused for credit leadership roles into the new Pathways. Let us say you were an Area Director last year but you never submitted it for DISTRICT 24 DOUBLE DOZEN NEWSLETTER News from the Program Quality Director District 24 Double Dozen |3 | April, 2018 credit. This can be applied to your eventual DTM in Pathways. I do hope that all Pathways Guides and Ambassadors have been great facilitators to you. This means listening and observing you more than just talking. This means highlighting information in any booklet or PowerPoint, not dryly going through it word for word. You take an assessment that allows you to choose one of three paths or choose another not listed. You can opt for the materials delivered online. It is a free delivery, it is within hours not days, and it doesn’t require paper. If paper is your thing for its tactile nature of holding it, print the pages of the online option. You can still do that. Opportunities surround you all the time, you just have to choose a path and try it. We are here to get you unstuck. Before Pathways launches on May 3, 2018, please go to the Pathways Beyond the Guide breakout session led by Jacob Lawson at the 2018 District 24 Annual Conference on April 21 at the Younes Center in Kearney, Nebraska. Jacob will have George Marshall by remote video. District 57 Pathways Chief Ambassador George Marshall was in the first district in the world to launch Pathways. You can get misinformation dispelled and restore your comfort level about what Pathways will mean to you by attending. You owe it to yourself to get the facts straight from a knowledgeable and experienced source, George Marshall. See what he has to say. You will feel much better coming out from that session than you did going in.