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DISTRICT 24 DOUBLE DOZEN NEWSLETTER News from Around the District TIME for ELECTION of CLUB OFFICERS Submitted by: Karen Watson, District 24 Parliamentarian To prepare adequately for the election of Club Officers, follow the timeline below (for clubs that meet yearly.) This information is taken from the Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International, Article VI: Officers (Sections 1-8), and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. 1. TWO Meetings before Election The Club President appoints a Nominating Committee at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting at which the election is to take place. The Chair will be the Immediate Past Club President. Ideally, the Nominating Committee consists of three people. 2. ONE Meeting before Election The Nominating Committee presents it’s report at the meeting preceding the business meeting at which the election is to take place. 3. At Meeting with Election Elections shall be held at the first meeting in May in each year. Following the Report of the Nominating Committee, further nominations may be made from the floor. All elections shall be by secret ballot. Controversy Over Secret Ballots: Technically, the bylaws state, “All elections shall be by secret ballot, unless a secret ballot is dispensed with by unanimous vote, with a majority vote of all active individual members present and voting necessary to elect each officer.” If there is only one candidate for one officer position, dispensing with the secret ballot seems a likely way to save time. Yet, there are democratic reasons why using a secret ballot is preferred. First, any active member in good standing may serve as an officer. Second, using a secret ballot allows any member to ‘write-in’ the name of any member (including themselves) for whom they want to vote. Another way of saying this is: the right to ‘write-in’ a candidate is taken away when the secret ballot is ‘dispensed with’. Appointment of Tellers’ and subsequent Tellers’ Report: Prior to an election, the President asks for volunteers to act as tellers who collect the marked ballots and count them. The first teller appointed is the ‘Head Teller’ who will read the Tellers’ Report before handing it to the President. The Tellers’ Report is entered in full in the minutes as an official record of the organization. Number of Votes Cast: Necessary for election: (majority, plurality, etc.) CANDIDATE’S NAMES Candidate A Candidate B Candidate C Illegal Votes: Results of the Election VOTES CAST TERM The results of the election are read twice; once by the Head Teller and once by the President. Doing so ensures that results are correct and accurate. The President then ‘declares’ those who are elected and congratulates them. As District Parliamentarian, I encourage every club to do elections with secret ballots to learn the procedures - as time permits in each club circumstances. Doing so keeps democracy alive. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. District 24 Double Dozen |6 | April, 2018

DISTRICT 24 DOUBLE DOZEN NEWSLETTER New Pathways in Division C! Submitted by Doni Stoner, Division C Director Division C finds NEW PATHWAYS for success… Area C21 Winners… Table Topics Contest Area C23 Winners… Table Topics Contest Sjohn Watson (2 nd ), Kate High (1 st ), James Witter III (3 rd ) International Contest Vera Porter (3 rd ), David James (1 st ), Brian Kokesh (2 nd ) International Contest Dong Vo, Angie McAndrew (2 nd ), David James (1 st ), Kevin Nabor (3 rd ) Douglas Kerns (1 st ), John E. Coffey (2 nd ) Area C24 Winners… Table Topics Contest Area C22 Winners… Table Topics Contest Kee-En (Jony) Lim (1 st ), Tania Rugamba (2 nd ) International Contest Kent Wolfe (1 st ) International Contest Kent Wolfe (2 nd ), Lea Wroblewski (1 st ) District 24 Double Dozen |7 | April, 2018 Kee-En (Jony) Lim (1 st ) Congratulations… Thank you to all members who participated in Club and Area Contests. All members of Division C are Champions!