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THE ALPHA.MD ECOSYSTEM Our Mission: “To bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery by providing technology driven platforms to eliminate the time and distance between those who need healthcare and those who provide it” The Alpha.MD platform is Africa’s first smart healthcare ecosystem powered by blockchain. Our aim is to consistently improve access, speed, affordability, equity and quality of healthcare throughout Africa. With Alpha.MD’s geolocation telehealth platform, patients in Africa would connect with health care services anywhere, anytime and at affordable cost. Objectives · Create a technology based company whose goal is to provide turnkey virtual health care solutions in Africa. · Create a large network pool of healthcare practitioners for the purpose of serving one African population. · Create a single payment ecosystem for the African healthcare sector. · Provide on-demand access to some of the best healthcare services in the continent through; video consultations, insurance pre-authorization, drug prescription delivery, mobile phlebotomy services etc. · Establish mobile health kiosks around the continent, in other to reach “the invisible” – consumers who are in dense areas with poor infrastructure, high patient to doctor ratio or consumers who aren’t generally motivated or sick enough to visit a hospital or clinic. · Create a marketplace platform to source reliable medical and fitness related devices, products and information. · Help corporate organizations increase productivity and lower their total cost on insurance premiums by providing our platform as an effective alternative to employee health plans. · Ultimately work with hospitals and health care practices to automate their operations, data management and patient consultation process. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 8

FEATURES VIDEO CONSULTATION: Our patients would have access to doctors through real time video technology 24/7/365. Our platform combines high quality video, advanced audio, and secure data transmission to effectively simulate in-person consultations. A doctor can also initiate a multi-party video call with a specialist for second opinions. DRUG PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY: After consultation with the doctor, the prescribed medication by the dose, would be hand-delivered to the patient within 2 hours (depending on location) at their selected address. We will also help monitor and manage refills for recurring prescriptions. MOBILE PHLEBOTOMY Receiving timely diagnosis and treatment plan is greatly influenced by the results of a medical laboratory test. Our mobile phlebotomy service provides convenience with care, by performing onsite blood draws that are quick and professional, for patients in the comfort of their own home or office. UNIFIED PAYMENT Alpha.MD utilizes APM tokens as the singular means of exchange for its healthcare ecosystem. This allows instant real-time payment of funds for the healthcare servicesdelivered. The Alpha MD token (APM) is a utility token built on the Stellar Network, designed to be used within the Alpha MD ecosystem for all payment transactions. This makes cross border payment around Africa and beyond, within the ecosystem, to be fast and seamless. Patients pay with APM tokens, Doctors, pharmacies, Labs, partner hospitals are paid with APM tokens. Products, services and contents sold on the marketplace are also paid for with APM tokens. Following this standard, APM tokens can be supported by wallets and exchanges that already support Stellar lumens and are easily transferable from patient to service provider. MEDICAL TOURISM We would establish a comprehensive global database of verified healthcare professionals and facilities. Patients looking to partake in medical tourism for a particular medical procedure can research, review and compare information on the professional with the right experience in that procedure, the perfect facility for the same procedure and pocket friendly. When a selection is made, a smart contract is entered between the parties and executed after treatment. Payments would be made through APM tokens. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 9

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