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FEATURES ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS All consultations on our platform would be stored digitally. By utilizing the Stellar network, medical events such as video consultations, prescriptions, diagnostic tests will be represented as transactions on the blockchain. This is a way for us to streamline the sharing of medical records in a secure way, protect sensitive data, and give our patients more control over their information. INSURANCE PRE-AUTHORIZATION This process would be used by our partner health insurance companies to determine if they will cover a prescribed procedure, service, or medication. Through an exhaustive access list tied to each insurance class, an enrolee is able to get pre-authorization required for treatment. This would replace the costly and time-consuming manual process which is extremely susceptible to fraud. MOBILE HEALTH KIOSKS We would establish mobile health kiosks, as teleconsultation centres, so that the underserved and remote dwelling citizens can also have access to our services. Through partnerships with existing mobile money operators, we would equip several kiosks with low cost devices (Smart Screen with camera, thermometer and blood pressure devices) and internet connection. These services would be subsidized through partnerships with the government and also paid with APM tokens. With 720 million Africans owning mobile phones, while most are non-smart phones, it is essential to be able to cater for these users. For these users, the APM tokens would sit on a wallet created by the mobile money operators which can be accessed via USSD on any type of phone. SOCIAL FUNDING This feature provides a platform, focused solely on healthcare, which enables the creation of a high level of transparency and accountability towards donors. With APM tokens, we would create a trust relationship with philanthropists and philanthropic organizations around the world on how their funds have been disbursed and the impact it is making. The donor can either pledge the funds to a delegate or donate directly to a healthcare campaign. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 10

MARKETPLACE This is Alpha.MD’s electronic commerce platform that would enable patients find, order and pay for medical related products, services and contents. This would also be available via the mobile app and would accept payments only in APM tokens. Ordered products would be delivered to registered addresses while digital contents would be delivered via the app. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 11

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