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FUTURE FEATURES CHATBOTS Alpha.MD is currently researching on chatbots and looking to integrate them into its ecosystem in the nearest future. The chatbots, through artificial intelligence and sets of rules, would be designed to simulate how a typical consultation with a physician would go. If the opinion of an actual physician is required, the chatbots would refer you to the best match based on the diagnosis, else it would make a diagnosis and recommend drugs. The chatbots would also through machine learning, study trends of the patient and periodically interact by making suggestions. This feature would relieve physicians from doing minor tasks. DRONE DELIVERIES This would be Alpha.MD’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that would be used to transport medical supplies to patients especially to remote and inaccessible regions. They can also be used to retrieve samples for our mobile phlebotomy service. This would enable Alpha.MD to deliver products faster, easier and cheaper thereby allowing it to reach more patients in the ecosystem. AMBULANCE DRONES Alpha.MD intends to partner with some student innovators from TU Delft to deliver to Africa the Ambulance-Drone, a high speed drone network that delivers emergency supplies to any location within minutes. Though this product is still a prototype, Alpha.MD is closely monitoring the progress and actively researching in its own technology for this. BENEFITS · Shared pool of doctors around Africa · Convenient and easy-to-access care · Expanded reach to patients · Reduced healthcare costs for patients · Unified form of payment across one healthcare ecosystem · Easy Cross border and medical tourism payments · Reduced cost for insurers which in-turn reduces premium on coverage · Savings on transportation to hospitals · Better access to experienced physicians and specialists · Remote access from rural communities · Access to quality drugs · Better care quality · Increased patient engagement · Efficient Insurance pre-authorization · Reduced Insurance Fraud · Transparent Social Funding Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 12

BUSINESS MODEL - Alpha.MD would receive a 20% commission on every Doctor’s consultation charge through our platform. - It would also receive commission on drug sales and lab tests based on pre-negotiated prices with our partners. - We would negotiate commission fees and group discounts for patients for medical tourism, thereby also earning on each payment made. - From our market place, we would earn commissions on off-the counter drugs, medical and fitness devices, digital contents on health and fitness. - In the latter phases, we would earn extra income from advert banners as a result of increased traffic on the mobile app and website. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 13

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