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USE CASES Imagine a

USE CASES Imagine a world where quality healthcare is delivered to you in quick time, at your convenience and at a fraction of the usual cost. Consider the following scenarios; - You are at home alone and you feel unwell, it’s the middle of the day, but the closest health facility is miles away. You pick-up your phone and launch the Alpha.MD app and connect with a physician via video. You are sitting in a remote city in the southern part of Nigeria, your physician in his consulting room in Nairobi, Kenya. After a few minutes of discussing with the physician he decides he needs the input of a specialist and starts a multi-party video with her joining from Johannesburg, South Africa. Your medical records are instantly shared with all parties involved, with your permission, while they deliberate on your prognosis. A diagnosis was mutually agreed on and drugs were prescribed to you. You are recommended for a few lab tests for a follow up consultation to further investigate. All the necessary information from this medical consultation, the diagnosis and its treatment has been recorded on a decentralized network of servers accessible only by you or with your permission. Within the hour, your prescription drugs arrive with instructions on dosage and duration. A phlebotomist also arrives at your house after a few hours to take samples of your blood. Tests are concluded and uploaded on the platform. You get a follow up call from the physician from Nairobi, Kenya informing you all is clear. All parties (doctors, pharmacy, and lab) are instantly paid through APM tokens. - An old man living in a village in Northern Cameroon complains about feeling unwell. The closest healthcare facility is quite a distance away but luckily an Alpha Mobile Health kiosk was located just a mile away and was able to make the distance with help. The attendant at the kiosks helps him connect to the Alpha.MD platform and selecting the language (French). He is instantly connected through video to a physician in Ivory Coast who listens to him complain about his symptoms of excessive thirst & urination, fatigue, weight loss and blurred vision. A disposable, self-administered pathology kit is readily available at the kiosk and the outputs transmitted directly to the physician via the platform. Within a few minutes, a diagnosis is made for type 2 diabetes, the physician gives medical, lifestyle and dietary advice while prescribing the drugs needed. The patient’s visit was subsidized by the Cameroonian government through pre-purchase of APM tokens, hence the patient pays only a fraction of this cost through the USSD option. His drugs are delivered to him within 24 hours through a UAV. All parties (doctor, attendant and pharmacy) are instantly paid through APM tokens. - A pregnant woman who has been diagnosed with preeclampsia and classified as high risk after a routine checkup, decides she is to fly to the US to deliver the baby due to the nature of the pregnancy. She logs into the Alpha.MD platform and searches for partner hospitals and medical practitioners in the US where she can have her baby. After discussions with the hospital personnel and practitioners and making a decision to use them, she enters into a smart contract with all parties through the Alpha.MD platform. The agreed contract stipulated that the parties receive a percentage of the APM tokens as upfront payment and the balance within 30 days of delivery. She flies to the US, delivers her baby and all parties get paid in tokens. - A philanthropist from South Korea wants to donate to a charitable cause in Africa that would impact healthcare for the population. He needs get transparency in his funding and be able to assess the impact his donation is making. He chooses too donate via the Alpha.MD platform and pledged the funds to a delegate (i.e. Alpha.MD or other NGOs) even though he also had the option to donate directly to a campaign. With APM tokens, he would have the ability to track his donation up to the point of disbursement. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 14

WHY BLOCKCHAIN? Blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Blockchain is set to disrupt the healthcare sector globally, hence Alpha.MD has chosen to use blockchain to process its payment ecosystem and record medical data. By utilizing tokens on blockchain, payments can be completed within seconds regardless of what country the patient, doctor or healthcare facility is. This means payment is independent of currency used in the country on origination or destination. Blockchain also protects our ecosystem from impending fraud in the use of credit card payments. Since our payments are done instantly, we risk the potential of a chargeback if the card used was stolen. Utilizing tokens enables Alpha.MD to use a means of payment that is trusted and verifiable. Alpha.MD is utilizing the core technology of blockchain as a tool set to store medical data securely in a distributed, encrypted ledger with the patient having control to access rights. Rather than having one central administrator that acts as a guard to data, there is one shared ledger that is distributed across a network of integrated and replicated databases visible to anyone who has access. This allows unmatched security advantages. Hacking one block in the chain is not possible without having to hack every other block in the chain. This makes blockchain incredibly appealing to our entire ecosystem for secure access a patient’s electronic medical records by several network of doctors. Africa’s First Smart Healthcare Ecosystem powered by blockchain 15

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