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Our school is in Muratlı district so it is called


M U R A T L I A N A T O L I A N H I G H S C H O O L From Editor; Welcome to the first edition of the EDITOR: Burak IŞIK DESIGN: İlknur IŞIK COVER IMAGE: Nuri IŞIK “Sea Wind”. First of all we would like to wish you a happy school term, filled with success and peace. I am very excited to send out such a school magazine. We are delighted to introduce you “Sea Wind”. Our aim is to keep you informed of the exciting news of our school, students, and facts. Our hope is to continue to make our friends happy by bringing you helpful INSIDE THIS ISSUE: About Our School…………2 information, ideas, and a little fun! Enjoy reading! News From School………..3 This Month in History……4 Our Theme “Addiction” Social Media ……………..5 2 Fun ………………………6 Quates ……………..…7

M U R A T L I A N A T O L I A N H I G H S C H O O L ABOUT OUR SCHOOL Our school is in Muratlı district so it is called 'Muratlı Anatolian High School' and it was put into service at Muratlı High School additional building in 1996. He gave his first graduates in the 2001 - 2002 academic year - our school moved to the new building in the 2007 academic year; our school has mixed education. It has 16 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 1 multipurpose hall, 1 library. Our school also have male and female pensions. We have 100 male and 100 female students. Teacher 33 Guidance Counsellor 1 Student 421 Classroom 18 Music Class 1 Image Class 1 IT Class 1 Library 1 Science Laboratory 3 Workshop-Workshop 1 Sports Hall 0 Garden 1 2

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