7 months ago

Loving Your Natural Self with Angela Styles

In this episode, Angela Styles shares the tips that she has learned on her journey to embracing her natural hair. She tells us why she celebrates natural hair and we talk all things acceptance and self-love. When you truly understand and love who you are, anything is possible.


Key Quotes

This was my way of spreading the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years, as well as just my love and my genuine appreciation for having textured hair being of African American descent and celebrating why curly hair is so amazing. (2:33) Basically speak to all of that, and encourage people of any age but primarily children, to really understand and accept their identity from the start. (4:24) The foundation of whatever you do starts with loving yourself. (5:53) When you actually do start to see yourself without all those additions, and then you get really comfortable with it, to the point that you don’t want anything else. (10:24) It’s better to test people and put people with certain situations so you can see faster versus wasting 3 years with someone who isn’t your friend. (19:01)