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12 There are some

12 There are some important steps you can take to ensure your open house visits are a success. FIRST IMPRESSIONS CLEAN SWEEP Make sure you have done everything possible from our “Preparing Your Property For Sale” tips (page 16). Give your home one last clean sweep, removing everyday mess. It is also a good idea to put away any small valuables to de-personalise and avoid theft. DO A WALK THROUGH Do you think buyers will be impressed with what they see? Are you home’s best features prominent? We are more than happy to help provide an objective opinion for any last minute improvements. TEMPERATURE Buyers want the perfect temperature. Make sure to air out your home and adjust the temperature depending on the season and time of day. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE Do not forget to take your pets with you to avoid that doggy or moggy scent, and also in case any prospective buyers are allergic. BE FLEXIBLE WITH OPEN TIMES We usually schedule a weekend and also a midweek viewing, however unexpected inspections can pop up. Make sure you keep your home tidy and be ready to step out for an hour or so at short notice. WELCOME THE FEEDBACK Talk through any comments or responses we have from potential buyers and let us help address any issues together. These can include adjusting the price range, changing the marketing tactics, or making a few cosmetic changes.

13 METHODS OF SALE The three main ways to sell a property in Australia are Auction, Private Sale and Expression of Interest. 1. AUCTION A public sale where your property is offered through a competitive bidding process. Ideal for high demand markets that drive up the final sale price. ADVANTAGES: • Competitive nature helps achieve the best price • Set and structured campaign time (usually 4 weeks) allows you to plan your final sale date — auction day • Winning bids are legally binding, no concern for withdrawals or delays • If your property is difficult to value, an auction is the best way to determine its true price in the current market 2. PRIVATE SALE Traditional way of selling by setting an asking price range and selling your home via private treaty. We then negotiate with interested buyers to maximise the price. ADVANTAGES: • A fixed price attracts the “right” homebuyers who are looking in this bracket and have this budget • You are under no pressure to make a decision on an offer instantly • Many buyers find this sale method less intimidating, attracting more offers • You dictate the settlement terms and are free to negotiate 3. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Also known as “Set Date Sale” works similarly to a tender process. You set a price range, and we then show your property over a 4-6 weeks span. All interested buyers submit their final offer and you choose the highest offer with the best terms. We negotiate further or put the property back on the market if the offers do not meet your expectations. ADVANTAGES: • The set campaign time allows you to plan your final sale date and contain advertising costs • Can work well to drive up the price as no sale price is advertised. Buyers are encouraged to put their only bid as their best • Offers more privacy and control as all bids are sealed and never shown to competing bidders or the public. You are under no pressure to make an instant decision • Works well for premium properties and in slower markets where auctions may deliver lower clearance rates PEOPLE • PASSION • PROPERTY