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15 Selling your home is a complex legal transaction, however along with your solicitor or conveyancer, we help arrange the legal steps and ensure your interests are protected. PREPARING THE CONTRACT OF SALE AND VENDOR’S STATEMENT (SECTION 32) • Your legal advisor will prepare the Vendor’s Statement which tells the buyer certain information about the property title. • Either your legal advisor our team will prepare your Contract of Sale, which sets the terms and conditions of the sale to be agreed between you and the buyer. EXCHANGING CONTRACTS • There will be three copies of the Contract of Sale (you, the buyer and us). Signed copies are exchanged and the buyer will pay the deposit. PREPARING FOR SETTLEMENT • Before settlement day, both buyer’s and seller’s legal advisers and banks make sure any conditions of the contract are met and all financial documents have been prepared. ON SETTLEMENT DAY • You will hand over the keys to our office then receive the purchase price into your account. Your legal representative will attend the settlement meeting. • Once it’s settled, you can crack open the bubbly and celebrate — congratulations, you’ve sold your home! PEOPLE • PASSION • PROPERTY