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16 SELLING TIPS Buyers will pay more for a property that looks and feels fresh, clean, well maintained and ready to move into. Here are 9 easy and affordable tips to help increase the sellability of your property. FOCUS ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS Make sure the entrance is attractive. This is the first view of your property and gives buyers an indication of the condition inside. Clean the verandah, place an inviting bench, plant shrubs or flowers, tidy up your front garden. Keep it freshly painted with clean window frames and doors. SCRUB YOUR KITCHEN Ensure your kitchen is completely clean with clear counters, updated handles and accessories and freshly painted walls and tiles. Place a small plant or bowl of fruit on the bench top to make the kitchen smell and look good. GET A NEW COAT Give your home the most complete clean it has ever had. Clean your carpets, blinds, curtains, cupboards and drawers. Paint any areas that look a little worse for wear. SHINE YOUR BATHROOM Create a spa feel in your bathroom by ensuring all surfaces are clean and walls are painted white or neutral. Repair taps or showerheads and show new fluffy towels along with other luxury touches such as scented candles and French soap.

17 CLEAR THE CLUTTER Make sure clutter is cleared out of your entire home. Remove several items of furniture to help create a home that feels light and airy. Uncluttered and open spaces help buyers to move in with their imagination. BE NEUTRAL Make your home a blank canvas by keeping your décor simple. Remove extra decorations from table tops and shelves. Give a spacious feel to your property as a display home. LIGHTEN UP Make your home seem bright and spacious. Open blinds and curtains, replace dark heavy drapes with lighter ones and use mirrors to give more natural light. Brighter rooms are more welcoming. YOUR GREAT OUTDOORS Your outdoor space should be treated as another room. Fix your fences, clean paths and pavers and make furniture and decks presentable. Add fresh plants, prune, weed and add new mulch to garden beds and pot plants. PEOPLE • PASSION • PROPERTY