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6 KNOWING YOUR MARKET It’s essential to do research on the dynamics of your local market before you choose the timing of your sale and set your price.

7 The real estate market in Australia is fluctuating constantly. It is influenced by economics, a growing population, infrastructure, new housing supply and many other factors. WHEN TO SELL? When should you sell your property? Aside from personal factors, it is important to understand other key factors including: THE TEMPERATURE OF THE MARKET: • A hot market is a seller’s market, with buyers outnumbering sellers. Factors such as location and property potential sell best here. • In a cool market it is essential to price your property correctly and ensure it is well presented, attractive to buyers and has a solid marketing plan. THE SEASON YOU ARE SELLING: • Spring is always the hottest and most popular time to sell. You will have plenty of competition from other sellers. • Summer is also a good choice with good natural light and blooming gardens, although the busy holiday period can put a damper on activity. • Autumn can be a great time to be on the market, with people who recently sold their properties now looking to buy. • Winter is normally thought to be the worst season. Recent success has however changed this with more sales now taking place during this traditionally slower period. PEOPLE • PASSION • PROPERTY