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The Region's Largest Weekly Distribution AMESBURY - Mayor Ken Gray announced today that the City will again be offering summer programs for Amesbury Youth, now starting at age 2 to fifteen years old. Last year, Amesbury’s Youth Programs served over 1,500 youth in Amesbury’s community. Amesbury’s Youth Services Director Kathy Crowley provided details about the program, adding, “This year, there will be many new programs offered in addition to Don't miss... The Town Common PRST STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEWBURYPORT, MA PERMIT NO. 51 ____________ Largest DIstrIBUtION aCrOss the NOrth shOre Of ma & COastaL Nh April 11 - 17, 2018 Vol. 14, No. 24 FREE Triton’s Budget Fight Is On Amesbury Innovation Center Expands to Gloucester By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– From left, Mark Friery and Bob O’Brien REGIONAL – You know you’re in Gloucester when you see giant windmills on top of a hill above the highway. They are part of the Blackburn Industrial Park, which once was home to Gloucester Engineering, the city’s largest non-marine employer. Starting in May, the site will become the second location for an innovative concept that converts under-utilized commercial properties into multi-tenant Photo by Stewart Lytle CI Works, which proved its business model in Amesbury, is partnering with Equity Industrial Investors, the owner of the Gloucester industrial park, to create a home for up to 50 small manufacturing companies that may create 250 jobs. “We knew we had a good concept,” said CI Works Executive Vice President and CFO Mark Friery. “In Amesbury in a larger facility we have proven it works. Triton Regional High School TRITON – In his 13 years overseeing the budget for the Triton Regional School District, Superintendent Brian Forget said he has never seen a budget like this. During his first dozen years at Triton, Forget was the deputy superintendent with responsibility over the district’s finances. In those years, he said “we had increases. We needed to make adjustments.” But those By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– innovation centers. It has legs.” Continued on page 3 Continued on page 3 budgets don’t compare to the Amesbury Mayor Announces Summer Recreation Program for 2018 the many programs offered last summer.” New this year will be many STEAM programs such as STEM Beginnings “on the Move”, Amazing 4 in 1 robot, Arcade Electronics Galore, Right brain Curriculum with “Shark Tank- Business Sharks,” and Expert Architects, Crazy 3d Creatures, Top Secret Science and many more. Other new programs will be Kid’s Yoga and stand-up paddleboard, Disc Golf The company’s plan is to circumnavigate Boston, where rents are high, with centers like in Amesbury and now in Gloucester that lease affordable and flexible space to small businesses and manufacturers that can thrive in shared spaces. “CI Works offers a unique approach different from traditional real estate options,” the company’s business plan states. Instead of leasing to a tenant as much space for as much money as possible, CI Works allows each of its tenant companies to utilize only the space they need. This limits their costs while they are growing. The tenant companies at CI Works are also encouraged to work with one other collaborately. They share services and equipment, and under the watchful eye of CI Works President Bob O’Brien and Friery, they buy from each other and they exchange expertise, contacts and experience with the other companies. There are many buildings and Ultimate Frisbee, Teen Sports Conditioning, Street Hockey, Boost Outdoor Challenge and Delicious Desserts. Registration is now open to residents and non residents (for a small charge). New for this year, the Tadpole program will start at age 3 to 5 year olds and will offer 4, one week sessions, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 1:00. It is located under the red shade structure at the Town Park and will include arts and crafts, playground games, fun cooperative games, sports, water play in the splash pad, Friday entertainment with animal shows, magicians, walking field trips and more. The Tadpole Park Program is designed to give preschoolers a chance to develop social skills, work on coordination and have fun all at the same time. The Youth Park Program, located at the Town Park on Friend St., serves 6-11 year olds. This You'll "flip" over the digital edition at POSTAL CUSTOMER Photo by Stewart Lytle challenges presented by that of the 2018-19 school year. The Triton School Committee last month approved a budget of $41.3 million to level fund the upcoming school year. That calls for an increase of $1.2 million in new spending, much of it to pay for special education programs, staffing and out-of-district tuition for some students. The other rapidly rising cost to the district is paying for health program will offer 7, one week sessions this summer. We have an extended day component (8am to 5pm) to provide assistance for working families. The Youth Park program offers choice activities all day including playground games, arts and crafts, sports, theme days, nature walks, group games, team building activities, talent shows, entertainers and more. Every Wednesday is all day “Wacky Continued on page 2

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