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Welcome to the Gillette

Welcome to the Gillette Pepsi Companies! As an employee of a Gillette Pepsi Company, the most important company provided benefits you participate in are those that help you and your family stay healthy. That is why we strive to offer you quality insurance programs at a competitive price as part of your total benefits package. Please review the following pages for details on the benefits you are eligible for as a full-time employee. Eligibility Date All insurance benefits are effective the first day of the month following 60 days of continuous full-time employment. This is your eligibility date. Enrollment Checklist Complete election forms as soon as possible after you begin work and by no later than 31 days after your eligibility date. Please complete the following: √ √ √ √ √ √ BCBS-MN Enrollment Form—For Medical insurance — Elect or Decline Coverage Select Account HSA Application & Election Form (if applicable) Delta Dental of WI enrollment Form—Dental Insurance—Elect or Decline Coverage Davis Vision enrollment form — For Vision Insurance Aetna enrollment form — For Life, AD&D & Long-Term Disability insurance (This form must be completed for you to receive the free company-provided life insurance.) Guardian enrollment form —For Accident or Critical Illness Insurance —Elect or Decline Coverage Select Account FSA (Flexible Spending Account) enrollment takes place during Open Enrollment at year end for the following calendar year. You can elect to set up a Medical and/or Dependent Care spending account that will save you tax dollars. Generally you can only change your benefit elections during an annual enrollment period near the end of the calendar year unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event, such as marriage, birth of a dependent, etc. Please notify HR to make changes if a qualifying event occurs. This entire booklet is intended as a brief summary of some of your benefits. Please refer to the benefit plan documents for more specific information. The details outlined in the plan document will control the payment of benefits. -1-

You have 2 High Deductible with HSA plans to choose from for 2018 Consumer Driven Health Plans This year you have the advantage of choosing between two High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) option. High deductible health plans are often referred to as Consumer Driven Health Plans because employees are in the “driver’s seat” when it comes to their health care. In other words, you are able to take a more active role in how health care dollars are spent. Your HDHP has the potential of being very beneficial to you: You will pay a considerably lower premium than the cost of a PPO plan. Monies from the company will be put into your HSA (if you qualify for a wellness incentive) to help you pay for out-of-pocket health care costs. You will receive a tax savings benefit if you contribute to your HSA. You will save money if you pay attention and make smart decisions about your health care. Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Always use In-Network Providers, whenever possible. An in-network provider is a provider who is contracted with your health insurance company to provide services to plan members at pre-negotiated rates (often significantly discounted). This means you will get your health care at a lower rate if you pay attention and go to in-network providers. The network in 2018, through BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, provides wide access to quality care through Mayo Health System, Gundersen Health System and other providers. 2. Keep drug costs down. By being a wise health care consumer, you may be able to cut your prescription drug costs. You should shop around for the best price, ask your doctor about generic or over-the-counter drug alternatives and look into discount prescription programs. The prescription network provided with our plans gives significant discounts. You may also be able to receive more discounts by getting your prescription through mail order. 3. Practice Prevention. Prevention includes a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and other similar efforts. When preventive care services, like physical exams, immunizations and screenings are combined with a healthy lifestyle, significant savings can be achieved. Our Wellness Program is also here to help. 4. Ask the right questions. Asking your doctor questions can help you decide what treatment plan is best for both your health and your wallet. Some useful questions to ask include: Why is this treatment or test necessary? How much will it cost? Can I be treated another way that is equally effective but less costly? 5. Shop around. New options for care are now available. See the “Know Where To Go For Care” information from BlueCross BlueShield on the next page for information on places to look into. -2-