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Pegasus Post: April 10, 2018

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6 Tuesday April 10 2018 Latest Christchurch news at PEGASUS POST FLIGHT SIMULATOR & AWESOME INTERACTIVES! FREE ENTRY WHAT WILL YOU DISCOVER AT THE AIR FORCE MUSEUM? MUSEUM HUNTS HOLIDAY PROGRAMME 16–27 April Visit the website for details and to book. FREE TOURS Open 10am – 5pm daily 45 Harvard Avenue, Wigram, Christchurch // 03 343 9532

PEGASUS POST Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday April 10 2018 7 News LOW RISK: Plans to install a flood wall in South New Brighton and Southshore may be deferred after a new report found the risk of nearby properties flooding is lower than first thought. Low flood risk report may block wall plan A NEW report which found the flood risk in South New Brighton and Southshore is significantly lower than first thought may halt plans to build a wall. City council staff will present a report tomorrow at the infrastructure, transport and environment committee meeting which will recommend deferring work on the “bund” wall. The city council decided in October to build a wall in the area from Bridge St to the South New Brighton jetty as a short-term intervention to reduce the flood risk. The project was to be funded from the land drainage recovery programme. Since then, more hydraulic modelling has suggested the flood risk is significantly lower than indicated by earlier analysis. A recent record high tide event also resulted in no tidal flooding on private properties along Seafield Pl, the cul-de-sac expected to benefit most from the wall. The report recommends the money allocated for the wall should be redirected to other work within the land drainage recovery programme that could reduce the risk of flooding to homes that frequently flood above the floor. The report proposes city council continue with the work to stabilise the emergency wall along the estuary edge in Southshore and to extend the Avon River stopbanks immediately south of Bridge St. • By Sophie Cornish and Julia Evans THE PAPANUI-Innes Community Board has taken the rare step of starting a petition to fight the city council over funding. Signatures are being collected in a bid to get funding for a community facility in Shirley. It comes after the city council removed funding for the centre planned for Shirley Rd, near the intersection with Hills Rd. This was the site of the former community centre, which was badly damaged in the February 22, 2011, earthquake. The removal of funding prompted community board chairwoman Ali Jones to threaten to stand down, citing it as her “die in the ditch” project. Ms Jones said the board’s role is to represent the community, and by gathering signatures from residents, it was fulfilling that role. “One of the roles of a community board is to represent and act as advocate for the interests of its community and this is what we are doing. The LTP and annual plans are all about lobbying the council.” Innes Ward city councillor Pauline Cotter said she was fully behind the board and its petition. “We’ve got a really proactive board that goes out to the community . . . and gets people talking, asks them what they want to see in their neighbourhoods,” she said. Ms Jones said some residents Local News Now Board launches petition to get new community facility Ali Jones Fire rages, homes at risk FUNDING WANTED: A petition has been started by the Papanui-Innes Community Board to get funding for a new facility at the former Shirley Community Centre site. had offered to go door-knocking. Shirley resident Jennifer Dalziel is collecting signatures. She said if funding isn’t included now, people will have forgotten about it in 10 years time. “We are being made to feel like we should just give up,” she said. The petition has about 100 signatures so far. Ms Jones said the funding doesn’t have to specifically go towards a new community centre building, just something the community can use, such as a fruit forest, community barbecue, garden or an all access playground.