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Nor'West News: April 10, 2018


10 Tuesday April 10 2018 Your Local Views Readers respond to the article about freedom camping outside Burnside’s Waimairi Cemetery on Grahams Rd Latest Christchurch news at NOR’WEST NEWS Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk Cherry Cornelius – Once again they are not freedom campers, they do not have facilities in their cars such as a toilet, shower or enough water for their needs. They will be there so they can use the running water which is in every cemetery for hand washing. They will be doing the washing – dishes, body and clothing. I’m willing to bet most will be urinating behind the fence. We freedom camp, the difference is we have complete self containment. They are free-loaders and free litterers. Please don’t ever put us in the same category as these people that are free-loading their way around our country. We have paid huge amounts of money to be self contained and respect and love our travelling. Andrea Lamont – I see this as a golden opportunity for scaring the living daylights out of them. Horror movie theme. Oh such fun. Davena Shields – If they’re only there overnight and not causing trouble or defecating everywhere, then I can’t see the problem. Sorry, but some people need to get over themselves. There are families out there who have real struggles of their own everyday. Helen Leggatt – To those who say they’re doing no harm, I suspect you’d think very differently if they were parking outside your driveway, leaving stained toilet paper, remnants of cooking/food, and rubbish at your fence line. It’s not the location, per se (although I think using cemeteries is somewhat disrespectful, not to those in it, but those who visit loved ones) but what they leave behind. The rubbish down the Waimakariri Gorge from freedom campers can sometimes be gross. COMPLAINTS: Freedom campers are drawing criticism from residents for parking outside the Waimairi Cemetery in Burnside. Kerry Beardsley – They are using the cemetery and church steps to cook food etc and some can be quite intimidating while walking past. It also seems to be a meeting point where they have larger gatherings. Pauline Handley – I wonder when and if the council will do a survey to see how many at any given time are actually travelling freedom campers and which are people living in vans etc because of the high rental prices in Christchurch? Ben O’Connor – I hate freedom campers, they have no respect for anything or anyone and they are so selfish like it’s there right to do what they want where they want. Cath Milio – We don’t know if there are issues. I would hope they have basic respect for a cemetery and do not use the grounds for toileting, eating etc. Parking up outside a cemetery is hardly a crime. Johnny Alderdice – Some people must just look for reasons to get offended. Stephen Graham – No class at all these particular freedom campers. Stephanie Hagerty – Are there public toilets there or do they use the cemetery? Daisy Graham – If motels and camping grounds were more affordable, maybe freedom campers would not be a problem. Graeme Palmer – At least they are not parked in the cemetery. John Baxendine – Need to make places for them all over the country. Kim Button – Yes, I saw them there recently – I find it a bit strange. Sarah Spencer Smith – I heard that freedom campers were parking inside the cemetery. James David Foote – Get over yourselves. Do the cemetery’s residents seem upset? Dean Comyns – Rubbish everywhere last time I went past, and the same van in the same spot as the picture, annoying. Wendy Woo – Get over yourselves, you’re lucky you have a home. Best Motorbuys TM ANYTHING WITH A MOTOR! The South Island’s leading motoring publication FREE every Friday at hundreds of locations around the South Island, and it’s available online! For advertising enquiries, ph Lea Godfrey 021 277 3086 NeW LoCATIoN 95 Gasson St The Automotive Lamp Specialists New and Used Lamps for Cars, Trucks, Vans, 4WD and Motorhomes 95 Gasson Street, CHRISTCHURCH PH 0800 225 483 Still Pedalling! Full Workshop Services: • WOF’s • Service Checks • Wheel Alignment • Brakes • Clutches • Tyres etc All makes & models Trevor Crowe’s been involved with cars for a while. You can benefit from his experience at... Subaru Specialists 518 Moorhouse Ave (East end) | P: 379 7615 W: | E:

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