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Variables Guide


1 • VARIABLES Operators The following table includes mathematical operators and logical operators supported by Arena. Standard math priority rules are used to evaluate complex equations. Operator Operation Priority Math Operators ** Exponentiation 1 (highest) / Division 2 * Multiplication 2 – Subtraction 3 + Addition 3 Operator Operation Priority Logical Operators .EQ. , == Equality comparison 4 .NE. , Non-equality comparison 4 .LT. , < Less than comparison 4 .GT. , > Greater than comparison 4 .LE. , = Greater than or equal to comparison 4 .AND., && Conjunction (and) 5 .OR., || Inclusive disjunction (or) 5 Note that == is a logical operator and = is an assignment operator. Use == to test whether two items have the same value; use = to set a value, as in the Assign module. 39

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE Math Functions Arena provides 20 standard mathematical functions. Each function takes a parameter list enclosed in parentheses. These parameters may be specified as constants or expressions when used in a model. Remarks The geometric functions (ACOS, ASIN, ATAN, HCOS, HSIN, HTAN, COS, SIN, TAN) take a value specified in radians. Function ABS( a ) ACOS( a ) AINT( a ) AMOD( a1 , a2 ) ANINT( a ) ASIN( a ) ATAN( a ) COS( a ) EP( a ) HCOS( a ) HSIN( a ) HTAN( a ) MN( a1 , a2 , ... ) MOD( a1 , a2 ) MX( a1 , a2 , ... ) LN( a ) LOG( a ) SIN( a ) Description Absolute value Arc cosine Truncate Real remainder, returns (a1-(AINT(a1/a2)*a2)) Round to nearest integer Arc sine Arc tangent Cosine Exponential (ea) Hyperbolic cosine Hyperbolic sine Hyperbolic tangent Minimum value Integer remainder, same as AMOD except the arguments are truncated to integer values first Maximum value Natural logarithm Common logarithm Sine 40

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