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Variables Guide

1 • VARIABLES Variable

1 • VARIABLES Variable MXVSM UBOUNDCOL UBOUNDROW Element Name or Description Number of Named Variable Symbols Number of columns in an arrayed expression, variable, or attribute Number of rows in an arrayed expression, variable, or attribute Summary Table of Variables Attributes and entity-related variables GENERAL ATTRIBUTES VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description oAttribute Name Index 1, Index 2 General-purpose entity attribute oA Attribute Number [, Entity Number]* General-purpose entity attribute oEntity.Type [Entity Number] Entity-type attribute oEntity.Picture [Entity Number] Entity animation attribute Entity.SerialNumber — Entity serial number oEntity.Jobstep [Entity Number] Entity jobstep (sequence index) attribute oEntity.Sequence [Entity Number] Entity sequence attribute oEntity.Station [Entity Number] Entity station location attribute Entity.CurrentStation — Entity current station location attribute Entity.PlannedStation — Entity next planned station location attribute o Assignable * Entity number is an optional argument that permits referencing and assigning attributes of remote entities. 43

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE TIME ATTRIBUTES VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description Entity.CreateTime — Entity creation time attribute Entity.StartTime — Entity start time attribute Entity.VATime — Entity value-added time attribute Entity.NVATime — Entity non-value-added time attribute Entity.WaitTime — Entity waiting time attribute Entity.TranTime — Entity transfer time attribute Entity.OtherTime — Entity other time attribute COST ATTRIBUTES VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description oEntity.HoldCostRate — Entity holding cost rate Entity.VACost — Entity valued-added cost attribute Entity.NVACost — Entity non-valued-added cost attribute Entity.WaitCost — Entity waiting cost attribute Entity.TranCost — Entity transfer cost attribute Entity.OtherCost — Entity other cost attribute o Assignable 44

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