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Variables Guide


1 • VARIABLES Miscellaneous variables BLOCKAGE STATUS VARIABLE Variable Argument Description NB Blockage ID Current blockage quantity EXPRESSIONS VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description ED Expression Number Expression value EXPR Expression Number [ Index 1, Index 2 ] Expression value Expression Name Index 1, Index 2 Expression value FUNCTIONS VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description NSYM Symbol Name Symbol number NUMBLK [ Block Label ] Block number TF Table ID, X Value Table function value UF User Function Number User-coded function STR (constructType, constructNum [,subConstructNum]) Symbol name 59

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE GENERAL-PURPOSE GLOBAL VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description oV Variable Number Variable value oVAR Variable Number [Index 1, Index 2 ] Variable value oVariable Name Index 1, Index 2 Variable value PARAMETERS VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description CO Parameter Set ID Constant value NMPAR Parameter Set ID Number of parameter values oP Parameter Set ID, Parameter Number Parameter value RESOURCE COST VARIABLES Variable Argument Description NSEXPO Schedule ID Non-stationary exponential distribution SchedValue Schedule ID Schedule value o Assignable 60

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