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Variables Guide


1 • VARIABLES STACK VARIABLES Variable Arguments Description Diff.StartTime — Difference in saved start time Diff.VATime — Difference in value-added time Diff.VACost — Difference in value-added cost Diff.NVATime — Difference in non-value-added time Diff.NVACost — Difference in non-value-added cost Diff.WaitTime — Difference in waiting time Diff.WaitCost — Difference in waiting cost Diff.TranTime — Difference in transfer time Diff.TranCost — Difference in transfer cost Diff.OtherTime — Difference in other time Diff.OtherCost — Difference in other cost OPERATIONPARAMETER VARIABLE Variable Argument Description OpParamVal OperationParameter Name Operation Parameter value 63

ARENA VARIABLES USER’S GUIDE Flow variables TANK VARIABLES Variable Argument Description oTankCapacity Tank ID Tank capacity oTankLevel Tank ID Tank level TankNetRate Tank ID Tank net rate TankQtyAdded Tank ID Quantity added to tank TankQtyRemoved Tank ID Quantity removed from tank REGULATOR VARIABLES Variable Argument Description oRegulatorMaxRate Regulator ID Regulator maximum rate RegulatorState Regulator ID Regulator state RegulatorRate Regulator ID Regulator rate RegulatorQtyAdded Regulator ID Quantity added by regulator RegulatorQtyRemoved Regulator ID Quantity removed by regulator RegulatorTank Regulator ID Tank number of regulator FlowRate Source Regulator ID, Destination Regulator ID Flow rate between regulators o Assignable 64

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