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5 • THE ADVANCED TRANSFER PANEL Request module DESCRIPTION The Request module assigns a transporter unit to an entity and moves the unit to the entity’s station location. A specific transporter unit may be specified or the selection may occur based on a rule. When the entity arrives at the Request module, it is allocated a transporter when one is available. The entity remains at the Request module until the transporter unit has reached the entity’s station. The entity then moves out of the Request module. TYPICAL USES • A sanded part requests a cart to take it to the paint shop • Customers in a restaurant are ready to order and thus request a waiter PROMPTS Prompt Name Transporter Name Selection Rule Save Attribute Unit Number Priority Entity Location Velocity Units Description Unique name of the module that will be displayed in the flowchart. Name of the transporter to allocate. Rule for determining which of the transporters to allocate to the entity, either Cyclical, Random, Preferred Order, Specific Member, Largest Distance, or Smallest Distance. Denotes the attribute name that will store the unit number of the selected transporter. Determines the specific transporter unit in the transporter set to request. Priority value of the entity waiting at this module for the transporter specified if one or more entities are waiting for the same transporter anywhere in the model. The location to which the transporter will move after being allocated. For free-path transporters, the entity location must be specified as a station. For guided transporters, the entity location may be specified as a station, intersection, or network link. Speed at which the transporter is moved to the entity location in length units per unit time. The unit time is specified in the Units field. Velocity time units. 97

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Prompt Queue Type Queue Name Set Name Set Index Attribute Name Expression Description Type of queue used to hold the entities while waiting to access the transporter, either an individual Queue, a queue Set, an Internal queue, or an Attribute or Expression that evaluates to the queue’s name. Name of the individual queue. Name of the queue set. The index into the queue set. Note that this is the index into the set and not the name of the queue in the set. For example, the only valid entries for a queue set containing three members is an expression that evaluates to 1, 2, or 3. The attribute name that will be evaluated to the queue name. Expression evaluated to the queue name. Transport module DESCRIPTION The Transport module transfers the controlling entity to a destination station. After the time delay required for the transport, the entity reappears in the model at the Station module. Free-path transporters are always moved to the same station destination as the entity. Guided transporters may be moved to a different network location than the entity’s station destination using the Guided Tran Destination Type. If a free-path transporter is being used, then the time delay to move the entity and transporter from one station to the next is based on the velocity of the transporter and the distance between the stations (specified in the Distance module). If a guided transporter is being used, then the time delay to transport the entity depends not only on the velocity and distance to the guided transporter’s destination, but also the transporter’s acceleration, deceleration, and any traffic it encounters on the way. When an entity enters the Transport module, its Station attribute (Entity.Station) is set to the entity’s destination station. The entity is then transported to the destination station. If the station destination is entered as By Sequence, the next station is determined by the entity’s Sequence and Jobstep within the set (special-purpose attributes Entity.Sequence and Entity.Jobstep, respectively). 98

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