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6 • THE FLOW PROCESS PANEL Sensor module DESCRIPTION The Sensor module defines a detection device that monitors the level of material in a tank (Tank module). A sensor’s location is specified using the Tank Name, Location Type, Level, or Percentage prompts. A sensor is activated when its location is crossed in the Crossing Direction AND the sensor is enabled. When the sensor is activated, one or more Actions may be executed. Additionally, the Create Discrete Entity option may be used to create a discrete entity and send it to custom logic. The Initial State field specifies whether the sensor is enabled or disabled at the beginning of the simulation run. If a sensor is disabled, it will be ignored and never activate. A sensor may be enabled/disabled dynamically at any point during the simulation run by assigning the SensorState (Sensor ID) variable. TYPICAL USES • Defines a device to monitor tank level so decisions can be made based on sensor state • Defines a device to initiate action when a tank becomes full, empty, or some other significant level is crossed • Defines a device to trigger re-ordering of material when stock runs low • Defines a device to start and stop reclamations from a pile based on inventory level PROMPTS Prompt Name Tank Name Level Percentage (0-100) Crossing Direction Initial State Description The sensor’s identifier. The name of the tank where the sensor is located. The level location of the sensor if Location Type is Specific Level. The percentage location of the sensor if Location Type is Percentage Capacity. The sensor is activated (triggered) when its location is crossed in this direction. Specifies whether the sensor is enabled or disabled at the beginning of the simulation run. 111

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Prompt Description If Sensor is Activated: Action Type Regulator Name New Maximum Rate Units Signal Value Variable Name New Value Create Discrete Entity Animation Specifies the type of action to perform. The name of the regulator to regulate. The new maximum rate for the regulator. Time units of new maximum rate. The signal value to send. The name of the variable to assign. The new variable value. Specifies whether to create a discrete entity when the sensor is activated (triggered). Specifies whether to display a “covered/uncovered” global picture for the sensor. Flow module DESCRIPTION The Flow module is used in conjunction with the Tank module to model semicontinuous flow operations such as adding material to a tank, removing material from a tank, or transferring material between two tanks. When an entity enters the Flow module, a flow operation of the specified Type is initiated (that is, Add, Transfer, or Remove). The tanks affected by the flow are determined by the regulators specified as the source and/or destination. A regulator is a device (for example, a valve) that is used to add or remove material from a tank. A tank’s regulators are defined in the Tank module. The entity is held in the Flow module until its flow operation is completed. The flow operation is completed when the first of three possible conditions is satisfied: • When the specified Quantity has been transferred. • When the specified Time has elapsed. • When the specified Signal Value is received from a Signal module. 112

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