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6 • THE FLOW PROCESS PANEL Release Regulator module DESCRIPTION The Release Regulator module is used to release tank regulators that have been allocated to an entity using the Seize Regulator module. This makes those regulators available to other entities waiting to seize the regulator(s). When the entity enters the Release Regulator module, it gives up control of the specified regulator(s). Any entities waiting in queues for those regulators will gain control of the regulators immediately. TYPICAL USES • Releases control of a regulator. A regulator is a device that adds material or removes it from a tank (for example, a valve). PROMPTS Prompt Name Regulators: Regulator Type Regulator Name Regulator Set Name Release Rule Set Index Attribute Name Expression Description The module identifier. Indicates how the regulator to release will be specified; defined as Regulator, Regulator Set, Attribute, or Expression. Name of the regulator to release. Name of the regulator set that contains the regulator to release. Method of determining which regulator within a set to release. Last Member Seized and First Member Seized will release the last/first member from within the set that was seized. Specific Member indicates that a member number or attribute (with a member number value) will be used to specify the member to release. Index into the regulator set. Name of the attribute that stores the name of the regulator to release. Expression that evaluates to the name of the regulator to release. 117

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Data module Data modules are the set of objects in the spreadsheet view of the model that define the characteristics of various process elements, such as resources and queues. Regulator Set module DESCRIPTION The Regulator Set module defines a set of regulators to select from and use in other Flow Process modules (Seize Regulator, Release Regulator, Regulate, or Flow). TYPICAL USES • Defines a grouping of regulators for logical purposes (for example, to select an available member from the set using a selection rule) PROMPTS Prompt Name Regulator Name Description The set’s identifier. Regulator member in set. 118

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