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7 Arena Visual Designer

7 Arena Visual Designer Introduction Arena Visual Designer is the visualization application inside Arena for quickly and easily designing dashboards for advanced business graphic reporting, 3D animation in customizable display windows and OptQuest optimizations can be configured. Dashboards create and display business graphics using controls such as Picture; Text Box; Level; Column, Bar and Pie charts; Histogram; Plot; and Scoreboard that will update dynamically as the simulation runs. The Scene Editor allows you to create realistic 3D animations of your Arena model. Dashboards and the Scene are visible simultaneously for professional presentations. The OptQuest optimization interface allows you to create OptQuest optimization projects. See the separate OptQuest for Arena user’s guide for details on how to use OptQuest in Visual Designer. Arena Visual Designer offers: • Intuitive drag-and-drop environment to build dashboards and animations quickly and easily • Greater flexibility and visuual control of your models • Use of common charting controls to communicate your simulation results • Unlimited dashboard functionality Visual Designer is a separate application that can be launched in Arena by selecting either the Visual Designer button from the Standard toolbar or by selecting Visual Designer from the Tools menu. Your software license will determine which features of Arena Visual Designer will be available to enhance your model’s visualization. New project options are outlined in the table below. Dashboard visualization Creates a Visual Designer project that contains an initial Dashboard window. 3D visualization Creates a Visual Designer project that contains a 3D Scene. Dashboard windows may be added, if desired. OptQuest optimization Creates a Visual Designer project that contains an OptQuest optimization. Dashboard and 3D Scene windows may be added, if desired. See the separate OptQuest for Arena user’s guide for details on OptQuest in Visual Designer. 119

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Visual Designer windows Before we create a simple dashboard or a 3D animation, let’s examine the components that comprise the Visual Designer. WHAT IS A DASHBOARD? Visual Designer’s dashboards are customizable graphic display windows for presenting business information and statistics. Graphs, data, charts, text or images are placed in the workspace to present important business reporting from disparate sources in a concise visual display. This content may deliver both static and dynamic information that can enhance business presentations and aid in decision making. WHAT IS A CONTAINER? Containers are the partitions of the Visual Designer workspace that are used to build a dashboard or a Views Config display. By default the initial instance starts with one container. Because each container can only display a single component, the Containers tools in the Toolbox are used to divide the dashboard or Views Config window into more than one container. As you drag and drop the Containers tools (Split Horizontally or Split Vertically) onto the workspace, you further divide it into multiple containers. Dashboard controls (graphs, data, charts, text or images) or Saved Views are dragged into the containers to create the desired display. Controls and context-sensitive menu options are described in the online help. Dashboard window The Dashboard window is an editor that allows you to view and edit the dashboards that have been added using the Project Explorer. The Dashboard window is used to design each dashboard. By default, each new dashboard has one container in the Dashboard window, which is the partition space used for building the display. A gray text message in the empty dashboard, “Drop Toolbox Control here,” guides you to begin creating a dashboard by dragging and dropping a control into the empty container. 120

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