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7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER WHAT ARE HELPER OBJECTS? Helper objects in Visual Designer are used to navigate in the scene and to edit objects in the scene. There are two main categories of helper objects: Scene and Edit Object. (See the online help for information on tool control functions.) SCENE HELPER OBJECT This widget is used to navigate and move throughout the 3D scene. It is located in the top right of the Scene when in Edit mode. Depending on the current view, the Scene Helper Object will vary slightly. Scene Helper Objects: Ortho View on left, Perspective View on right EDIT HELPER OBJECT This widget is used to edit objects (animated objects, static objects, transfer animation objects) in the scene. The Edit Helper Object will vary slightly depending on the type of object being edited. When you are in Edit Mode and you select an object in the scene, the Edit Helper Object will appear, overlaying the object, as below: Edit Helper Object overlaying a chair object in the scene 123

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Style Class window Four animation object types require a style class to be associated with them. For each, there is an associated style class type. A style class is a generic representation of a resource, a transporter, an entity picture or a global variable. The Style Class window is an editor that allows you to view and edit a style class for a resource, transporter, global variable or entity picture. The style class specifies the graphic file(s) associated with either the different trigger values of a global variable, the states of a resource and tranporter, or the states of the entity assigned to a given entity picture. Style Classes allow you to manage changes to your animation objects quickly and easily. For example, in the case of a resource style class, if a manufacturing floor has 20 injection mold machines that are exactly alike, then only one style class needs to be defined — such as “InjectionMold_MachineStyle.” This same resource style class can then be used for any injection mold machine. If any animation changes are needed, simply changing the style class will effect all resources using that style class. Views Config(uration) window The Views Config(uration) window is an editor that allows you to specify which camera views will be displayed for the 3D animation when the visualization is in Run mode. When a new project is initiated, if you specify it to include a 3D scene, a Scene node will be added to the Project Explorer by default. Under the Scene object is the Views Config node. Double-click Views Config to open the Views Config editor window or right-click on Views Config and select Open Editor. When Views Config is the active editor, two categories of tools are shown: Views and Containers. Just like the Dashboard control, the Containers tools are used to divide a Views Config window into more than one container to display the number of scene compartments you want to reveal during the animation run. By default, the Views Config has one initial container. When the Views Config editor is empty, the (gray) text in the container states “Drop Toolbox Control here” to help guide you to create a view configuration. The Views tools are used to select a saved view to place into one or more of the containers on the Views Config window. Views can be created when the Scene is the active editor using the Save View icon or selecting Save View from the View menu. The layout can be comprised of multiple 124

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