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7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER The Editor Explorer can be used to navigate within a dashboard from one control to another or the controls can be selected directly to edit them. Only the containers that are highlighted, with or without controls, can be edited. Adding dashboards Visual Designer allows you to create additional dashboards through the Project Explorer. To add a new dashboard, simply right-click the Dashboard folder within the Project Explorer and select Insert Dashboard. If the Project Explorer is not visible, click View > Tool Windows > Project Explorer. Deleting dashboards When no longer needed, dashboards can be removed from Visual Designer through the Project Explorer. First select the dashboard to be removed and then right-click to select the Delete option. Visual Designer will prompt with the question, “Are you sure you want to remove the node ‘Name of Dashboard’?” To permanently delete the dashboard, choose Yes. Once dashboards are removed, they cannot be recovered unless earlier versions of the dashboard project were saved (and not overwritten). Dividing dashboards Dashboards can be divided into separate containers by dragging the Split Horizontally or Split Vertically controls from the Toolbox to the dashboard or by right-clicking in the dashboard and selecting the option to split the container. Running your model and dashboard When running a model in Arena, only the animation within the main Arena application will animate. The dashboards within Visual Designer will not be animated. To view the dashboard animation within Visual Designer, the model run must be started from within Visual Designer. To run the model from Visual Designer, select Run>Go or press F5. When a model is running, it can be paused or the model run can be ended within Visual Designer. When a model run is initiated from Visual Designer, by default the Arena animation is disabled. Arena is running in Fast-Forward mode where the animation is not updated on the screen. This behavior is controlled by the Enable Arena Animation option located on the Run menu. When this option is disabled (the default), anytime the Go button is initiated from Visual Designer, Arena is put into Fast-Forward mode 135

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA and any animation define in the .doe file is not updated. Only the Visual Designer animation is enabled. When Enable Arena Animation is enabled, pressing the Go button from Visual Designer places Arena in Go/standard run mode and any animation defined in the .doe file is displayed. From Arena, the Go, Step, Fast-Forward, Pause, Start Over and End options can be activated. Note that if the visualization is paused and Arena is made the active window, pressing Go from Arena always places Arena in standard run mode, displaying the .doe file’s animation regardless of the Enable Arena Animation setting in Visual Designer. This setting controls the mode Arena will be placed in (Fast-Forward or Go/standard run mode) when Go is selected from Visual Designer only. Models that are designated to run in Batch mode will not animate in either Arena or Visual Designer. Expression entry Expression Builder The Visual Designer Expression Builder is a tool that can be used to build expressions. The performance of the tool resembles the Expression Builder in Arena. Invoke the tool by selecting the Expression Builder menu option when right-clicking an edit field that requires an expression, or when an ellipses is clicked in an expression field for a dashboard control, or when a dashboard control is doubleclicked. The Expression Builder dialog box is also resizable. 136

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