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7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER The Expression Builder also allows you to check the validity of an expression. If there is a problem with the checked expression, the Expression Builder will identify a specific error and a specific location in the expression and will display the error statement in the Messages box. If the expression is valid and proper, the message “Expression is valid” will be shown. Intellisense Intellisense is a common tool used in programming languages to auto-complete expressions or lines of code quickly and efficiently. Intellisense is being introduced in Arena Visual Designer for use with the @ROW and @COL functions. The @ROW and @COL functions allow the user to define the starting values for an array. Future releases will include other Arena Variable functions; for example, NR, NC, TNOW. Intellisense is triggered in the Scoreboard control when a user enters the @ symbol or selects the Ctrl+Spacebar. Below is the information on the use of the @ROW and @COL functions: @ROW – function to define the beginning row value for an array @COL – function to define the beginning column value for an array Refer to the Intellisense online help for several example scenarios using this tool. 137

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Working with 3D scenes The following section walks through the process of creating a simple 3D scene. You must have activation for Arena to continue this portion of the tutorial. 1. For this example, we will return to the Airport Security Example.doe model. This model is located in the example folder where you installed Arena. Note that the corresponding Visual Designer project file “Arena Security Example.a23” has already been created. When a corresponding Visual Designer project exists, the file will be automatically opened when starting Visual Designer. To create this visualization project from scratch, you can either rename the existing Arena model or use the model you may have created from Chapter 2. With the airport model open, go to Tools>Arena Visual Designer to start the application or click the Arena Visual Designer icon ( ). Select either 3D Project or 3D and Dashboard Project. The application prompts you to name the project. Visualization projects are saved with an .a23 file extension. The default is the name of the current Arena model with the .a23 extension. The default directory is the same as the current directory of the saved Arena model. It is recommended that visualization projects be saved to the same directory as the associated Arena .doe model file. Only one Visual Designer project may be open at a time for editing. Click OK to proceed to Visual Designer. Note: You may already have created a Visual Designer project for this model if you completed the Dashboard tutorial earlier in this chapter. To add a Scene to your existing Dashboard project, right-click on Airport Security Example in the Project Explorer and choose Insert Scene. 2. A new 3D Visual Designer project displays an initial Scene window in perspective view. On the left are the Toolbox and Editor Explorer and on the right are the Project Explorer and Properties window. 138

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