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7 • ARENA VISUAL DESIGNER 7. Use the Helper Object to resize the resource so that it fits appropriately in the scene and is moved to the desired location. The Scene Layout includes properties for defining the scale of the 3D model. Adjusting the measurement settings allows you to design your model to an exact scale or simply to have a visual reference to approximate object size relationships. Measurement properties include 3D Engine Units, Display Units, Grid Major Spacing and Grid Size. See “Defining Your Scene Scale” in online Help for details. 8. Next you will define the entity image. In the Project Explorer window, identify the Style Classes folder under the Scene node. Right-click on Style Classes and select Insert Entity Style Class. 9. In the Entity Style Class editor, you will define the animation for your entity. Assign a 3D image to an entity is using the Thumbnails window in the same manner as you did in Step 4 when you assigned the resource image. From the Thumbnails window, navigate to the installed Visual Designer People image library and drag an image onto the editor. In this example, you will only assign one image to a single entity state. For more advanced animation, you can define entity sub-states and select different animation sequences when the entity is being seized, transferred or in a queue. Once your image is assigned, close the Style Class editor. 143

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA 10. With the Scene as the active editor, from the Editor Explorer, expand the Animation Objects folder and then the Entity Pictures folder. Select the Picture.Man entity and drag it into the scene. 11. With the newly added entity highlighted in the scene, update the Properties window and assign the Style Class field to be Entity Style. Use the Helper Object or Properties window to size your entity. 144

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