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GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Connector Original Connector Duplicate Connector Dynamic Connector Valid Starting Shape Separate Separate Create, Process, Batch, Assign, Record The sample flowchart below illustrates the use of these connectors, including the Dynamic Connector, which is unlabeled. Decide shape (True and False Connectors) Separate shape (Original and Duplicate Connectors) Enter custom properties When you place shapes from the Process Simulation stencil, default names appear (for example, Create 1, Process 1) to identify the steps in the process flow. Typically, you’ll replace these names with descriptions of the process steps. To do so, simply select the shape and type the new name, as with other standard Visio shapes. The Process Simulation stencil’s shapes also provide custom dialog boxes for defining property values, including lists of valid options and other features to aid you in quickly characterizing process data. To open the dialog box, either double-click the shape or right-click and select Edit Shape Properties from the pop-up menu, as shown next. 176

C • USING VISIO AND ARENA Either of these actions will display the appropriate dialog box for the shape. The dialog boxes that Arena presents for its corresponding modules are designed to match those in Visio, so that you’re working in a familiar interface, whether mapping your process in Visio or Arena. The property values that you define in the custom dialog boxes are stored with the individual shapes. When you transfer the process map to Arena, these parameters are used for simulation. Add data shapes To define the data modules (for example, Entity, Resource) for the model of your process, you place shapes directly in the drawing for each of the elements you want to define. When the individual data shapes are transferred to Arena, they will not appear in the model window, but will be added to the appropriate spreadsheets instead. 177

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