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Getting Started


2 • GETTING STARTED Note: If no connection appears between Create and Process, click the Object > Connect menu item or the Connect toolbar button to draw a connection. Your cursor will change to a cross hair. Start the connection by clicking the exit point ( ) of the Create module, then click the entry point ( ) of the Process module to complete the connection. If you need to make multiple connections, simply double-click the Connect button or select Object > Connect twice (the Connect button will remain depressed to indicate it is in multi-connect mode). Then draw as many connections as desired. A valid connection target (for example, entry point, exit point, or operand object) is now highlighted during a connection session if the pointer is hovered over it. To end the multi-connection session, click the Connect option again, press Esc, or right-click. How do I use Snap and Grid? If your flowchart shapes aren’t lining up properly, you can use Arena’s snap and grid features to straighten them out. First, check the Snap option on the View menu so that newly placed shapes will be positioned at regular snap points. To realign the shapes you’ve already placed, select the main module shapes (the yellow boxes) by holding the Ctrl key and clicking each shape. Then, click the Arrange > Snap to Grid menu option to adjust their positions to align with grid points. You can display the grid by checking the Grid option on the View menu. Both snap and grid are turned off by clicking the menu option again, clearing the check box. 11

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Decide whether identification review is complete After the Process module, we need to place a Decide module to determine whether the identification review is complete. 1. If you are using the Auto-Connect feature (that is, it is checked on the Object > Auto-Connect menu), be sure that the Process module is selected so that the Decide module will be connected to it. 2. Drag a Decide module to the right of the Process module. If the passenger identification review has a complete set of information, the review will exit the Decide module from the right side of the diamond shape, representing the True condition. Incomplete identifications (False result to the Decide test) will exit from the bottom connection. Dispose of the reviews to terminate the process Next we’ll place the Dispose module from the Basic Process panel to represent accepted identification reviews, connecting to the True (right) output from the Decide module. Then, we’ll complete the flowchart with another Dispose module for rejected identification reviews. 12

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