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2 • GETTING STARTED 8. The cursor appears as a cross hair. Move it to the model window and click to place the security officer resource animation picture. 9. If you’d like to have the security officer appear a bit larger, select the picture and use the resize handles to enlarge it. How do I use Rulers and Guides? Rulers Guides Glue to Guides Selecting the Rulers command on the View menu toggles horizontal and vertical rulers at the top and left edges of each drawing window. The ruler labels display the (+/-) distance from the origin in Arena world units. The spacing between the ruler labels is based on the snap spacing, with the labels rounded to the nearest snap point if Snap to Grid is enabled. When the Guides command (View menu) is activated, you may add guides into the application window to aid in positioning shapes precisely. You may either drag them from the horizontal or vertical ruler edges independently or drag them simultaneously from the origin corner. If you select a guide, you may drag it to a new position, or you may remove it by pressing Delete. Activating the Glue to Guides command (View menu) allows you to drag a shape (module or drawing object) to a guide until the shape selection handle turns red (as shown in the circled call-out of the example), which indicates that the shape is “glued” to the guide. The guide may then be dragged to a new location and all shapes glued to the guide will maintain their alignment and will move with the guide. 27

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA You can plot many expressions on the same set of axes by adding multiple expressions in the Plot dialog. Each can be colorcoded so that you can readily compare data such as workloads in processes or waiting customers. Plot the number of passengers in-process Our second animation enhancement is a plot of how many passengers are under review as the simulation progresses. This will give us a sense of the dynamics of the workload, which can vary quite a bit when the random nature of processes is incorporated into a simulated model. 1. Click the Plot button on the Animate toolbar. We’ll plot a single expression, the work-in-process (WIP) at the Check for Proper Identification process. 2. To add a data series to a plot, go to the Data Series tabbed page and then click the Add button. 3. In the properties grid for the data series (by default it will be named ‘Series1’), go to the Source Data\Expression property. This property defines the simulation expression to monitor and plot. Type in the expression Check for Proper Identification.WIP. 4. Now go to the Axes tabbed page and select the Left (Y) Value axis. Specify the value 2 for the Scale\MajorIncrement property, so that major tick marks on the y-axis are displayed over 2 units. (When setting the axis values, leave the default values for any property not specifically mentioned here.) 5. Now select the horizontal Time (X) axis. Specify the value 1440 for the Scale\Maximum property. This sets the horizontal time axis of the plot to be 1,440 minutes (or 24 hours) of simulated time. 6. Specify the value 120 for the Scale\MajorIncrement property, so that the major tick marks on the x-axis are displayed every 120 hours (or 2 days). 7. Explore the other properties of the graph to add titles, change colors and more. 8. Click OK to close the Plot dialog box. The cursor changes to a cross hair. 9. Draw the plot in the model window by clicking to locate the top-left and bottomright corners of the plot below the flowchart and to the right of the resource. With the edits now complete, you can save them by clicking Save or pressing Ctrl+S. 28

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