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3 • THE BASIC PROCESS PANEL TYPICAL USES • Number of documents processed per hour • Serial number to assign to parts for unique identification • Space available in a facility PROMPTS Prompt Name Rows Columns Report Statistics Data Type Clear Option File Name Recordset Description The unique name of the variable being defined. Number of rows in a one- or two-dimensional variable. Number of columns in a two-dimensional variable. Check box for determining whether or not statistics will be collected. This field is visible when the rows and columns are not specified (that is, for single variables). The data type of the values stored in the variable. Valid types are Real and String. The default type is Real. Defines the time (if at all) when the value(s) of the variable is reset to the initial value(s) specified. Specifying Statistics resets this variable to its initial value(s) whenever statistics are cleared. Specifying System resets this variable to its initial value(s) whenever the system is cleared. Specifying None indicates that this variable is never reset to its initial value(s), except prior to the first replication. Name of the file from which to read the variable's value or values. You can use any file access type supported by Arena except sequential text files and Lotus spreadsheet (.wks) files. If the file name you specify has not been created yet, Arena will create it, but you must edit the file to specify the file access type, path, and recordset (if required). Name of the recordset in the specified file from which to read values. This field is available only if you specify a File Name for a file that has been set up with a file access type, path, and recordset. Arena uses the Rows and Columns properties to determine the amount of data to read from the recordset. A recordset is required for all file types except .xml. The recordset size must be equal to or greater than the number of rows and columns specified for the variable. 49

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Prompt File Read Time Initial Values Initial Value Description Specifies when to read the values from the file into the variable. If you select PreCheck, the values for the variable are read while the model is still in Edit mode (prior to the model being checked and compiled). If you select BeginSimulation, values are read when the model is compiled, prior to the first replication. If you select BeginReplication, values are read prior to each replication. Lists the initial value or values of the variable. You can assign new values to the variable at different stages of the model by using the Assign module. Variable value at the start of the simulation. Schedule module DESCRIPTION This data module may be used in conjunction with the Resource module to define an operating schedule for a resource or with the Create module to define an arrival schedule. Additionally, a schedule may be used and referenced to factor time delays based on the simulation time. TYPICAL USES • Work schedule for staff, including breaks • Breakdown patterns for equipment • Volume of customers arriving at a store • Learning-curve factors for new workers PROMPTS Prompt Name Type Description The name of the schedule being defined. This name must be unique. Type of schedule being defined. This may be Capacity-related (for resource schedules), Arrival-related (for the Create module), or Other (miscellaneous time delays or factors). 50

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