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4 The Advanced Process

4 The Advanced Process Panel This chapter presents the modules included on the Advanced Process panel, where you will find additional functionality for modeling your process. Example uses of each module are included in this section. The Advanced Process panel is accessible to licensed editions of Arena Standard and Professional. Flowchart modules Flowchart modules are the set of objects that are placed in the model window to describe the simulation process. Delay module DESCRIPTION The Delay module delays an entity by a specified amount of time. When an entity arrives at a Delay module, the time delay expression is evaluated and the entity remains in the module for the resulting time period. The time is then allocated to the entity’s value-added, non-value added, transfer, wait, or other time. Associated costs are calculated and allocated as well. TYPICAL USES • Processing a check at a bank • Performing a setup on a machine • Transferring a document to another department PROMPTS Prompt Name Allocation Delay Time Units Description Unique module identifier displayed on the module shape. Type of category to which the entity’s incurred delay time and cost will be added. Determines the value of the delay for the entity. Time units used for the delay time. 53

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Dropoff module DESCRIPTION The Dropoff module removes a specified number of entities from the entity’s group and sends them to another module, as specified by a graphical connection. Group user-defined attribute value and internal attributes may be given to the dropped-off entities based on a specified rule. TYPICAL USES • Loading shelves with product • Separating a form for use in various departments PROMPTS Prompt Name Quantity Starting Rank Member Attributes Attribute Name Description Unique module identifier displayed on the module shape. Number of entities that will be dropped off from an incoming representative grouped entity. Starting rank of the entities to be dropped off, based on the entities in the group. Method of determining how to assign the representative entity attribute values (other than costs/times) to the dropped-off original entities. Name of representative entity attribute(s) assigned to droppedoff original entities of the group. Hold module DESCRIPTION This module will hold an entity in a queue to wait for a signal, wait for a specified condition to become true (scan), or be held infinitely (to be removed later with the Remove module). If the entity is holding for a signal, the Signal module is used elsewhere in the model to allow the entity to move on to the next module. If the entity is holding for a given condition to be true, the entity will remain at the module (either in a defined or internal queue) until the condition(s) becomes true. When the entity is in an infinite 54

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