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4 • THE ADVANCED PROCESS PANEL Data modules Data modules are the set of objects in the spreadsheet view of the model that define the characteristics of various process elements, such as resources and queues. Advanced Set module DESCRIPTION The Advanced Set module specifies queue sets, storage sets, and other sets and their respective members. A set defines a group of similar elements that may be referenced from a common name and a set index. The elements that make up the set are referred to as the members of the set. Queue sets may be specified within a Seize or material-handling-type module. Storage sets may be used in the Store and Unstore module. Other sets may include sets of attributes or other miscellaneous elements. TYPICAL USES • Various checkout queues in a grocery store (queues) • Animation locations for performing operations (storages) PROMPTS Prompt Name Set Type Queue Name Storage Name Other Description The name of the advanced set whose members are being defined. This name must be unique. Type of set that is being defined, which may include Queue, Storage, or Other types of sets. Name of the queues that are included within a queue set. Name of the storages that are included within a storage set. Name of the members that are included within an “other” type set. 69

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA Expression module DESCRIPTION The Expression module defines expressions and their associated values. Expressions are referenced in the model by using their name. Expressions can optionally be specified as one- or two-dimensional arrays. You can specify expression values within the Expression module, or you can use the Expression module to specify a file from which to obtain expression values. The file allows you to read values from an outside source. An expression value may be formed using combinations of integers, real numbers, symbol names, statistical distributions (for example, NORM(10,2)), arithmetic operators (for example, +, *), parentheses, logical operators, (for example, .GT. or >), attributes, and variables. An expression value may be referenced in another expression, but recursive calls to the same expression are not allowed. TYPICAL USES • Distribution for an entity arrival • Entity picture values • Complex expression for order entry times PROMPTS Prompt Name Rows Columns Data Type File Name Description The name of the expression whose characteristics are being defined. This name must be unique. Maximum number of rows in the defined expression. Maximum number of columns in the defined expression. Visible only when the number of rows is specified. The data type of the values stored in the expression.: Real, String, or Native. Name of the file from which to read the expression's value or values. You can use any file access type supported by Arena except sequential text files and Lotus spreadsheet (.wks) files. If the file name you specify has not been created yet, Arena will create it, but you must edit the file to specify the file access type, path, and recordset (if required). 70

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